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No. sentence
1 Growth was held back in 2003 by extensive drought and the gradual winding down of the international presence.
2 learn a language we must follow the principle of gradual improvement.
3 Yet he disagreed with abolitionists who sought full and immediate emancipation; he favored a gradual plan, one that compensated slave-owning Southerners for their loss of "property."
4 Paradoxically, it was the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679, an attempt to give statutory force to the common-law writ, which paved the way for its gradual erosion.
5 The relationship was open, and the suasion was gradual and systemic.
6 Age brought a gradual diminution of his strength and energy.
7 The second mechanism is a more gradual process of adaptive mutation, whereby the capability of the virus to bind to human cells increases during subsequent infections of humans.
8 More likely, however, release of methane into the atmosphere will be gradual, but steady.
9 Throughout the course of this century, the warming of the planet will be gradual.
10 This usually results in a flurry of new activities for a short period with a gradual slowing down - but it does keep me always moving towards my goals while many others stay stuck in place.
11 It is caused by chronic pulling of the hair, leading to gradual hair loss, mostly at the hairline.
12 And even though gradual currency appreciation will help, so too will a real shift away from exports and investment and toward household consumption.
13 warming of the planet will be gradual, but the effects of extreme weather events - more storms, floods, droughts and heatwaves - will be abrupt and acutely felt.
14 Although the Committee anticipates a gradual return to higher levels of resource utilization in a context of price stability, progress toward its objectives has been disappointingly slow.
15 That suggests inflation hawks have little to fear from a gradual dollar slide. But not everyone agrees.
16 The change of Taylor was that of a key man in the key slot -- something that symbolized the gradual transformation of the other players.
17 result, the process will take time and go through several periods of gradual change.
18 Computerization has resulted in the gradual disappearance of many manual jobs.
19 All this suggested that America was more likely to endure a gradual, even gentle, slowing of economic growth than a sharp contraction.
20 This change might manifest itself as an Epiphany at some point during the project, or it might seep in as a gradual change.
21 will be some changes, but these will be gradual and carefully managed.
22 This approach is consistent with the way that I have depicted the gradual increase in Change Control Rigor in Figure 1.
23 That means it might represent a stage of gradual evolution of turtles from freshwater to the sea, and the study of its ecology can help to understand the evolution of Marine turtles.
24 Indeed, this is a gradual recovery.
25 The struggle over the minimum wage reflects a gradual shift, not a sudden one.
26 But the gradual melt-back of that cover exposes more of the dark ocean, land and vegetation to the direct rays of the Sun, allowing them to absorb ever more solar energy and warm up.
27 Implementation of some requirements before all others are described in full detail allows for gradual and more effective distribution of labor, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.
28 This was a gradual process.
29 These verbs all refer to gradual change resulting in destruction or dissolution.
30 In a sign of a gradual relaxation of social restrictions, some Iranian women wear long trousers and knee-length tight robes, and allow part of their hair to spill out from under colorful scarves.