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No. sentence
1 Just a few hundred yards inside the complex, reporters were shown smoldering remnants of government buildings, enveloped by mounds of smashed concrete, twisted rebar and shards of metal.
2 The government transplanted the villagers to an island.
3 he remains a true radical, whose vision of paring government to the bone excites a youthful following.
4 The men were imprisoned for plotting against the government.
5 About 60,000 regular soldiers have reached retirement or are close to it but the government has not paid them off.
6 Penang's new leader, Lim Guan Eng, says that the federal government has an "ambivalent" attitude towards him, cutting off some funding but not undermining his authority.
7 The government should take effective measures to live through this economical crisis.
8 It had a head start, he explained, because of all the government there.
9 Our plan does not change recognition of Pakistan as a sovereign government," he said. "We need to work with them and through them to deal with al-Qaida."
10 The government predicates that the market collapse was caused by Asian financial crisis.
11 mood was jubilant last week as the Burundi government signed a ceasefire deal with its last remaining rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL).
12 But Britain's auctions have become so large that they entail far more risk for primary dealers, the Banks that purchase government securities at auction and then sell them on.
13 In return, the SPV issues new debt securities to the bank, guaranteed by the government.
14 The new mayor promised to clean the crooks out of the city government.
15 NPR's Louisa Lim reports on new government research showing that he was murdered.
16 Guan was apprehended in March 2010 after he and other hobbyists flew two helicopters around Wenzhou without government approval.
17 The land behind our house was confiscated by the government.
18 The British government taxes tobacco and alcoholic drinks heavily.
19 Needy and handicapped people depend on government relief for their support.
20 The government collided with Parliament over its industrial plans.
21 collapse of the government left the country in chaos.
22 The opposition blasted the government for high inflation.
23 They lodged a formal protest against their government.
24 He reshuffled the cabinet to firm his government.
25 government embargoes the enemy ships.
26 The government succeeded in carrying its plan through Parliament.
27 Mass violence threatened to unsettle the very foundations of government.
28 The government has put out a statement denying these rumours.
29 Public opinion can force the government into action.
30 On behalf of my Government I have the honour to make to you the following communications.