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No. sentence
1 All these govern the overall security model of the system.
2 We shall never be successful in our dealings with the Germans till we understand the character and the growth of the ideas which now govern them.
3 His advice is to have a plan for each layer in the technology stack and a master plan to govern these solutions.
4 If somebody thinks this governance magic exists only in the Rabbit Hole, they would be advised to learn how the most successful businesses govern their internal divisions.
5 They regard Hamas, who govern in the strip, as too moderate.
6 Natural elegance deals with the "feel" a website or application expresses through its behavior over time, and which is rooted in the rules of order that govern nature.
7 Rules govern how to specialize safely: Each new information type must map to an existing one, and new information types must be more restrictive than the existing one in the content that they allow.
8 Unlike the other organization management roles, the PM role is specifically formulated to govern unique assignments.
9 He has some reservations about the "posted workers" rules that govern such matters. But this was, he declared, no time for protectionism over jobs.
10 It facilitates storing, accessing and managing service information, called service metadata, so that you can easily select, invoke, govern and reuse your services.
11 not win swing voters if they value doctrinal purity above all else. And they will not be able to govern if they treat all compromise as betrayal.
12 There are also rules that govern the documentation of NIEM components.
13 Rules govern packet filtering by providing the firewall with instructions on what to do with packets coming from a certain source, going to a certain destination or having a specific protocol type.
14 the immense embarrassment of a party that aspires to govern, they include everyone from a former party treasurer to a son-in-law of the former prime minister, jose maria Aznar.
15 also have a responsibility to govern well – honestly, transparently and accountably – with the full participation of civil society.
16 All the hard and fast laws which govern the world we learnt by knocking up against them.
17 This built-in necessity is the basis of the laws that govern every society.
18 times I'd get sudden spikes of treble that would turn my stomach and make me stumble, as if they'd briefly deranged whatever whorls of plumbing in my ears govern balance.
19 But Britons might note that Mr Harper has managed to govern for four years without a parliamentary majority, and that this has not prevented Canada from sailing through the recession.
20 cosmos and all the specific laws which govern it do not form a self-explanatory system; they point beyond science and call for a metaphysical foundation in the Christian doctrine of creation.
21 we will welcome all elected, peaceful governments — provided they govern with respect for all their people.
22 What is it that breathes fire into the equations, and makes a universe for them to govern.
23 They say the new system will govern how future shooting incidents are investigated and how to hold accountable any contractors who violate the rules.
24 But even in those early days, he distinguished himself for his use of violence as a means to govern.
25 Three international agreements govern fishing in these seas, all managed by the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission, based in London.
26 This section explains why you need SOE to govern SOA.
27 Amid the global financial crisis the economy shrank by 3.6%, one of the biggest drops in the region. El Salvador is not an easy place to govern.
28 was really meant in most places was that we would elect people to govern us and sporadically renew or revoke their contracts.
29 Rules govern how to specialize safely: Each new information type must map to an existing one, and must be more restrictive in the content that it allows.
30 Even so, he will need to reassure Chileans that he is not a Berlusconi—that he would govern in their interests, not his own.