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No. sentence
1 She broadcast the good news to all her friends.
2 If he is no good, flunk him.
3 Her spoken English is not very good, but her meaning shone through without doubt.
4 She will make a very good athlete.
5 A nice box of chocolates or a poinsettia plant are good options, she says.
6 He jumped with joy when he heard the good news.
7 I've got onto a good idea for improving my work.
8 Carol: These look good. Do you have any grapes?
9 These efforts will surely bring forth good fruit.
10 Book early if you want a good table.
11 Everyone helped and it was good that they did.
12 At this time of day you need to filter out the red light to take a good photo.
13 I must finish off this work while the light is good.
14 You should not disparage good manners.
15 We will train up these children to be good citizens.
16 Be conscientious and make a good job of publishing.
17 Your users get all this as a result of good packaging, publishing, and versioning of your project.
18 At the end of the day, the important question to answer is: are these phones, and the OS that moves them, any good?
19 Good testing ideas migrate easily within Eng prod giving all testers, no matter their product ties, access to the best technology within the company.
20 must cost a good deal to live here.
21 Gregory Peck's very good too. Ages 10 +.
22 I have a good memory so I learn more quickly than others.
23 This is a good feature during your analysis and design efforts, but not so good for your requirement efforts.
24 Most of his good Suggestions have been hatcheted in the last plan.
25 Practitioners and theorists tend to take a good idea and try to fit it to everything we do.
26 The plan for the rocket is indeed a good one, but if recent decades are any indication, the prospects of anyone ever seeing it fly are murky at best.
27 These events in themselves provide good flexibility as to when to generate each of the dumps, but that flexibility is also greatly increased by the addition of dump filters.
28 Today I had some good chances, but Novak was too good for me this afternoon," he said.
29 If they are not, something is changing in the business, either for the good or the bad and you need to dig deeper to find out what.
30 Of course, more work is involved in this case, but the good thing is that after it is done, the SBS models themselves could be significantly enhanced to cover more business domains or industries.