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No. sentence
1 Prices of fruit and vegetables have gone up.
2 Now the hard winter has gone, we can cast off our winter clothing.
3 By publishing directly from the staging portal to production, you can be sure that what is in production has always gone through staging.
4 Most of my colleagues have gone down with flu.
5 One month is already gone.
6 Janet gave him an address in Bel Air where Kim may have gone.
7 If that happened in this case, the ice would be long gone. But the faulty readings in the memory chips of the flight data recorder would remain.
8 He’d gone on the road with their sounds and smells inside him.
9 Foreign institutions, which used to account for about 40% of company lending, have mostly gone home; domestic players have merged; and the market is dominated by four big Banks.
10 I don't know how I'd have gone on without their support.
11 word, you really have gone native, haven't you," said Sister Mary gaily, as she bustled out.
12 Gone are the smoky 1970s offices where secretaries bustled around fetching armfuls of paperwork for their bosses, archiving cardboard files in dusty cabinets.
13 when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue, the Gentiles besought that these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath.
14 The boy has gone up again this term.
15 Perhaps if Angel had persevered he might have gone to Cambridge like his brothers.
16 If something of critical importance does call your attention away, send the facilitator an im so they know your attention is elsewhere, why it is, and let them know when the distraction is gone.
17 They have gone further than they have ever gone in joining us on real sanctions against North Korea.
18 I caught him before he had gone far.
19 We have gone far.
20 He spluttered about where he had gone when I asked him.
21 The teacher referred to in my last letter has gone abroad.
22 He had gone when I arrived.
23 To begin with, many of the projects would have gone ahead whether the city had won the Olympics bid or not.
24 photograph by itself is only a token of a moment gone by. Its power lies in the metaphor, for photography captures our minds more than we capture the subject.
25 More than 450 US banks and mortgage lenders have gone out of business and a further 416 are on a regulatory watch list of troubled firms.
26 The bell had rung twice, and the other women had already gone inside.
27 If I were to take that trip, I might have gone to Ireland to discover that my Irish ancestors were originally from Scotland.
28 Tyler's gone from a carriage to crawling to walking to a scooter to learning to ride a two-wheeler," she says.
29 era when foreign goods flooded the Chinese market is gone for ever.
30 Today when I surfed on net I saw these pictures by sudden. I've never gone to Africa, in my mind, Africa is poor, but these photos are far beyond to my imagination.