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No. sentence
1 A bunch of red roses drip their golden scent.
2 The golden eternity doesnt even have to be perfect.
3 In a typical tomb at the site, as in the nearby Valley of the Golden Mummies, a long stairway descends to a corridor, which leads to a room with small mastabas in its corners.
4 In Baimaxueshan for example, while the population of the Yunnan Golden Hair Monkey does not show a clear change, the populations of black bears and porcupines have increased.
5 Zhaotong City, a jurisdiction in 10 counties, due to the golden sand river, Kraal Jiang rivers such as the vertical and horizontal cutting, stand in cliffs, deep-Qing, climate and diverse.
6 return to the golden era is certainly not the answer: it is now clear that Mr Koizumi danced atop an edifice, dominated for half a century by the LDP, that was about to crumble regardless.
7 He also emphasized that the nominees would not be subdivided, as with the Golden Globes, which are awarded for best drama as well as best comedy or musical.
8 You balked a golden opportunity.
9 they all stood looking in awe jack pulled a strange goose and a golden harp out of his jacket.
10 When they pressed her further with questions, she threw her golden necklace down to them, thinking that this would satisfy them.
11 Critics even complain that McDonald's, whose golden arches symbolise calorie excess, should not have been allowed to sponsor the World Cup.
12 I looked down at the shiny piece of glass and the tarnished golden chain, then back at the giver.
13 There was once an Emperor who had a horse shod with gold. He had a golden shoe on each foot, and why was this?
14 The architects clad the building in weathering-steel panels overlaid with thin strips of rebar. Illuminated by uplighting, the facades emit a golden glow in the evening.
15 what are those golden rocks like when you stand under them? 'she once asked.
16 But there will also be problems, despite a golden period in which tax revenue grew faster than GDP.
17 Fall is here and the leaves are beginning to turn, with trees taking on golden, amber and scarlet hues.
18 in the heart of Amritsar, the Golden Temple was an oasis of calm and made a perfect place to spend my last night abroad.
19 young man who survived jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge said that he had decided he would not jump as long as any one person recognized his agitation.
20 Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with sapphires.
21 Amsterdam in the golden age of the 17th century also comes close, but that's putting a lot of weight on culture, and we need something broader.
22 In addition, some classical temples exhibit horizontal and vertical proportions that map to the golden ratio.
23 Eating fugu (e.g., tiger puffer fish) sushi in a fine Yokohama restaurant... golden.
24 In the midst of all the trees and vines stood one huge tree with apples which shone golden even in the moonlight.
25 The cheerful girl with bouncy golden curls was almost five.
26 The cheerful girl with 1 bouncy golden curls was almost five.
27 When you work in a particular language for a long time, it becomes the golden hammer: every problem looks like a nail that can be driven by the abstractions in your language.
28 Ascending the stairs, everywhere was covered with currants, pine nuts and golden plums, which scattered into a peculiar pattern of carpet to take me up to the hill.
29 My flowers were like milk and honey and wine; I bound them into a posy with a golden ribbon, but they escaped my watchful care and fled away, and only the ribbon remains.
30 Conversely, in summer, colour is just about everywhere, from golden light to verdant green or floral backdrops.