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No. sentence
1 Think about your life and goals that you have reached successfully.
2 What matters is that we all have our unique dreams, goals and desires.
3 So they acted so as to realize their dreams through their vision and goals.
4 With no goals or dreams, how can we expect to achieve anything significant?
5 question is whether those goals now conflict.
6 the way an enterprise realizes these goals is through people.
7 Storyboards describe the navigation through User Interface elements that realizes the Use Case, and thus supports the corresponding User Goals.
8 Relate your goals to the company you are interviewing: 'in a firm like yours, I would like to...
9 She also helped me to understand how my personal goals fitted with my business strategy.
10 If not, ask God to help you establish goals for your decade of destiny.
11 Mozilla's early goals were extremely ambitious—the original Mozilla application suite included a browser, a complete mail and newsgroup program, a web design tool, and an IRC client.
12 explanation of how the solution meets business and engineering goals.
13 make sure that you and your spouse share these goals with each other.
14 This has driven the need to create software that not only supports the stated business goals, but that can be adapted easily when those goals change.
15 risk into goals tends to be subjective and is best accomplished by increasing the variability of the estimates — in effect, by widening the "margin for error".
16 him to 51 goals in all competitions this season, one behind Messi's Spanish record, while Real have now netted 94 times to Barca's 92 in La Liga.
17 Wigan Athletic netted only three headed goals in the Premier League this season; fewer than any other side.
18 Print the goals out in a large font and put them on your desk or your whiteboard.
19 We all have goals and dreams – whether or not we ever talk about them, or write them down.
20 Write out some goals and post them.
21 Rather than work on pressing, urgent projects that he might mistakes on due to his illness, he instead focuses on long-term planning and thinking about his future career goals.
22 I have two goals in writing this article.
23 If they go to spend money, they ask themselves whether that money directly leads them to one of their goals.
24 Though welcomed in Indonesia as if he were a native son, and garlanded in Delhi for backing India's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, he failed to achieve his main goals.
25 The goals of these actions should be clear and measurable.
26 Then pick the right tools and metrics aligned with those goals.
27 Once we have a set of tools and techniques, how do we modify our testing process to use these effectively and support our overall development goals?
28 I can set some high goals. God says, "My son, you think up the greatest thing you think I could do in your life and I can beat that.
29 Dear Annie: One of my goals in the coming year is to spend more time with my wife and kids, whom I've badly neglected over the past few months because of work.
30 We found that if a prototype didn't have clear, measurable goals, it quickly drifted off into "Look what I can do."..