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No. sentence
1 The globalisation of art is not all about money.
2 In trying to make it harder for customers to get legal advice from formally allied firms, or even a global one-stop shop, Brazil is moving against a tide towards globalisation in legal practice.
3 The first and most important requirement for the future of capitalism is the preservation of globalisation, and the massive benefits it confers on mankind, in particular in the developing world.
4 there he was an early observer and commentator on the phenomenon of globalisation.
5 Many people would point to globalisation, in particular the opening up of the Indian and Chinese markets that vastly increased the global Labour force, putting downward pressure on unskilled wages.
6 But the truth is that the EU's eastward enlargement brought globalisation inside the borders of the single market.
7 Owing to the globalisation of capital under neo-liberalism, the ruling class recognises that the solution must be global.
8 Collapse of globalisation is now no small risk.
9 By the end of the decade, with the Berlin Wall in pieces, the number of articles (and letters to the editor) mentioning globalisation surged.
10 Yet the globalisation of oil supply has not diminished OPEC’s clout as the marginal supplier of crude.
11 of Harold James, an economic historian at Princeton University and a long-time student of what makes globalisation happen, would be of interest even in times more tranquil than these.
12 Globalisation is also pushing up the already exorbitant cost of business education.
13 Yet it is not simply envy and resentment about money that drags the corporate world into the centre of the debate about globalisation.
14 But the authors point out that if poor countries could carry out such ambitious reforms "they would no longer be poor" and financial globalisation would be "a clearly dispensable sideshow".
15 This recent bout of globalisation resembles the awards' earliest years.
16 Mafia's ubiquitous and longstanding influence over the south of Italy has been further strengthened by globalisation, by our business and finance correspondent for Italy.
17 Some of the most vital arteries of globalisation are badly clogged: air travel is restricted by bilateral treaties and ocean shipping is dominated by cartels.
18 Worst of all, globalisation means that management jargon, from "360-degree thinking" to "strategic staircases", spreads across borders like bird flu.
19 But the globalisation of the Internet industry means that many more people could be tempted to dabble in web stocks in the current boom, adding to the pain of the bust.
20 The NYSE has recently embarked on a round of acquisitions and collaborative deals in an effort to become a trend-setter in technology as well as globalisation.
21 Globalisation is not a zero-sum game: Mexicans, Koreans and Poles are not growing at the expense of Americans, Japanese and Germans.
22 Helping poorer countries catch up has long been among the benefits touted for globalisation.
23 You need humility when evaluating the impact of globalisation, he says.
24 This news is bad enough in itself; but it also poses the biggest threat to open markets in the modern era of globalisation.
25 Globalisation is not an option, it is a fact, so the question is whether we manage it well or badly.
26 One has to do with accepting that there will be some Western victims of globalisation.
27 GLOBALISATION, technology and growth are in themselves neither positive or negative; they are whatever humanity makes of them.
28 Globalisation does not mean the end of nation states, though it does restrict their freedom of action.
29 His previous book about globalisation, in 2001, was about the fragility and reversibility of a process that many at the time believed to be inexorable.
30 This is particularly true in an era of globalisation.