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No. sentence
1 But this is a difficult exercise: Looking at the state of international relations theory, one quickly realizes the absence of consensus about the best way to think about global politics.
2 Each time America marches in somewhere, it highlights the fact that it tends to act as global policemen.
3 If the global scope requires the result of the event handler, set the result in the global result variable.
4 In general, to be THREADSAFE, a routine should not use any global or static data areas.
5 Massive eruptions can cool the global average surface temperature by several degrees for several years.
6 It is seen as an opening bid ahead of the Copenhagen summit, due to set a new roadmap for global action against climate change, but it drew mixed reactions.
7 Market regulations should be global as well.
8 Nuno Limão, of the University of Maryland, has shown that in the last global trade round America was slower to cut MFN tariffs wherever that would remove a plum from its allies’ mouths.
9 While the global financial conditions have shown improvement over the last few months, uncertainties relating to the revival of the global economy remain.
10 In contrast, the operations of global financial markets today, for instance, affect people from Peoria to Penang.
11 This example replaces only the first 'a', so in the second example, we add the 'g' (for global) flag to cause sed to change all occurrences.
12 With growing concern about the security of food supply and the signs of an emerging global land grab, the attraction of farmland as an investment is clear.
13 Without question, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the most powerful tool we have, as an international community, to reduce the global disease burden.
14 In the West, Europeans and Americans have dominated the world scene for so many centuries that they're uncomfortable with the notion of someone else claiming the throne of global hegemony.
15 As business education becomes more global, it is becoming less American. Until recently the field was dominated by American business schools teaching American examples.
16 Global primary energy demand will remain overwhelmingly dominated by fossil fuels, with coal, oil and gas accounting for 82 percent in 2030 (currently 81 percent).
17 The slide in global shares came as oil approached $100 a barrel – though it fell back sharply – and the dollar set a record low of $1.4856 against the euro and $1.1025 against the Swiss franc.
18 After establishing their importance to the global atmospheric circulation, Simpson went on to demonstrate the influence of hot towers on hurricane intensification.
19 You will mark one or more classes with the stereotype, and the stylesheet will implement them as global elements.
20 How do you view the role of women in global development?
21 As several of you noted, the global strategy for reducing the harmful use of alcohol is a true breakthrough.
22 Rifai said "2009 was the worst year ever in the last 60 years" for global tourism but the sector had bounced back this year and is expected to post growth in 2011 as well.
23 But it benefits all of us, because it decelerates global warming and ecological destruction.
24 Your vision should be so global that you see your ideal life.
25 However, as both the Global TB Control report and the Commission for Africa report stress, the destructive link between TB and AIDS in Africa is causing an increase in cases.
26 These global names should be constructed with sufficient roots and modifiers to identify their domain of use.
27 In today's business world, East Asia -the fastest growing economic area with excessive population, is regarded as one of the top three backbones for the global economy.
28 Since the challenges NATO faces are global, its membership should be as well," he says.
29 As the only island state, it's the only one that faces an existential threat from global warming and rising oceans.
30 Apollo Global Management has already filed with the SEC to list on the NYSE.