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1 We have not only seen an earlier break up of ice on rivers and melting glaciers, but also the early emergence of insects, egg laying by birds and the flowering of plants.
2 Scientists think the Mars glaciers may have been left as remnants when regional ice sheets retreated.
3 Black carbon slopping over India’s bathtub rim represents a threat to Asia’s high glaciers.
4 At the end of the glacier's deeply crevassed snout sits a glacial lake, coated with ice in this wintertime picture.
5 glacier withdrew inland to the region where its main two tributaries join, and for the last few years, there have been two fast-flowing glaciers where once there was one.
6 But, the retreat of a glacier's "snout" is only one of three measures of how glaciers can change. The other two are its "mass balance" and the rate at which melt-water is discharged.
7 of an iceberg calved from glaciers on west Greenlandic coast.
8 From our own beaker, we've watched with glazed eyes as glaciers have retreated worldwide.
9 They also escaped the Ice Age glaciers that bulldozed much of the continent farther north.
10 slopes surrounding the village were cloaked with three glaciers 30 years ago, but villagers say that over the past decade the glaciers have vanished, leaving nothing but bare rock.
11 The glaciers create extraordinary underwater caves and passages due to changes in temperature between the summer and winter months.
12 No one quite knows why glaciers and ice shelves are melting so fast, or how a meltwater lake on the Greenland ice sheet covering six square kilometres could drain away in 24 hours, as it did in 2006.
13 The glaciers are melting, storms have increased in ferocity, there are landslides and floods, followed by droughts and deforestation.
14 Shaped both by volcanism and glaciers, Mt. Hood is part of the Cascade Range, a belt of volcanoes running through the Pacific Northwest.
15 10 indicators of climate change include measurements of sea level rise taken from ships, the temperature of the upper atmosphere taken from weather balloons and field surveys of melting glaciers.
16 Dutch study last year of the western Himalayas reckoned that shrunken glaciers will cut the flow of the Indus by some 8% by mid-century.
17 The ring of secret nuclear power stations around the Arctic circle, attached to giant immersion heaters, remains undetected, as do the space-based lasers dissolving the world's glaciers.
18 Some regions will be far worse hit than others because of the altitude of their glaciers, the nature of the terrain and their susceptibility to localised warming.
19 Rich in resources of all kinds, the rocks, glaciers, water, plants, and animals have come to mean so much — beauty, challenge, renewal, and enjoyment.
20 A calm, narrow channel, lined by low peaks wrapped in ultra-white glaciers, it is strewn with huge tabular icebergs and smaller bergy bits.
21 Only more research focused on the differences between glaciers in heavily populated areas and those in uninhabited ones like Siachen will answer this question definitively.
22 There have been small signs of progress in recent years, including agreements to jointly monitor glaciers and study the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean.
23 Look at rolling mountains, beaded style Pingba, deep gorges, high-altitude glaciers, each can be the same as to meet our travel life's imagination.
24 After the glaciers retreated again, fresh rivers cleaned out the sediments and continued carving away at the bedrock.
25 It is surrounded by rugged green wilderness; to the west the Olympic Mountains, to the east the volcanoes and glaciers of the Cascade Range, and all around the brisk waters of the Northwest.
26 The new earthquakes were traced almost exclusively to Greenland, where they were found to be specifically associated with large, fast-flowing outlet glaciers.
27 As with climate change - which has already thawed permafrost, melted sea ice, and shrunk glaciers in Alaska - carbon-caused ocean acidification will likely hit home here first.
28 Water from three glaciers empties into Lituya Bay, which is over 700 feet deep in places.
29 Even if melting glaciers provide an abundance of water in the short run, they portend a frightening endgame: the eventual depletion of Asia's greatest rivers.
30 safe, decently priced and the landscapes are stunning - blue lakes and snow -capped mountains, glaciers and the ocean, fiords and beaches.