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giver in a sentence

1. a king might be called a "ring-giver."

2. The giver rings the bell and runs away.

3. Giver of the sacred hoops I come.

4. And so, St. Nicholas is a gift-giver.

5. Yúcahu means spirit or giver of cassava.

6. Moses, the law giver;

7. I am the light and the giver of light.

8. "Life-giver"; a Tungus god of souls.

9. Her grandmother's care giver, Mrs.

10. [zɑːjændɛ] "life giver" and رود‎

11. William Penn as Law-Giver;

12. Oh Lord, the giver of all good.

13. Heather thinks of it as the Giver.

14. apart from them, there is no other Giver.

15. The Giver), Karta or Kartar (lit.

16. He is the giver of life, light, and warmth.

17. Markey was also a noted party giver.

18. Giver = Gids-Verkenner.

19. Giver may refer to:

20. He is the boon-giver.

21. He is known as the "giver" god.

22. Rheticus became a great giver of books.

23. 1987 - LOVE THE GIVER, Ballantine;

24. Rachel is an in-home care giver.

25. Karna of Karnabharam is a compulsive giver.

26. Even then it is called the Giver of Millions.

27. Thou art the giver of final beatitude.

28. Because God is a giver.

29. Faith is also necessary to be a giver.

30. niggard's gift that costs the giver nothing.