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No. sentence
1 But he seems to have been given no advance notice of the visit.
2 I just wish they would have implemented all the changes for the 2013 race and given people plenty of advance notice, rather than crushing those who thought they had finally reached their goal.
3 People who suffer from allergies can sometimes be given injections to help desensitize them.
4 I've given this some thought after an earlier column in which I wondered if children should be banned from flying.
5 We could have eaten him right up, but it would have given us trichinosis.
6 fix a point, then the gradient vector at that point is given to me.
7 Mary was given away by her father.
8 You should test this view mode for usability given the size of your portal and the screen size available for your device.
9 In one of the tests, half of the participants were asked to ponder on the information they were given and then decide which among similar products to buy.
10 During engagements, however, practitioners go directly to their local playbook to quickly access the information they need in order to perform a given activity or task in the engagement cycle.
11 This step recognizes that the software that realizes a given service must be selected or custom built.
12 Being involved in this way has given each of us an increased sense of purpose and strengthened our ties to the place we live.
13 Even though I have been a TT user for years, I found new information on almost every page, either in a function or in an example given.
14 The police had to fit the story together from details given by different witnesses.
15 After you have given your server a static LAN address, you can do these next parts.
16 Given technology that would allow them to record-not to be recorded-the Maasai became totally immersed in telling their stories.
17 The site was later given a new generic domain name and what Shah called a scary but exciting lesson was learned.
18 In general, the migration tool makes a best guess as to how to migrate any given element.
19 More and more investors are coalescing into groups, hopeful of reaching the threshold at which they can instruct mortgage-pool trustees to act against servicers (25% of note-holders in a given issue).
20 But at least he will want to make a good return on equity, given that he owns most of it.
21 This is another reason why it makes sense to build your asset registries based on projects, because you would expect the script files for a given project to be located on a Shared resource.
22 Some English vowel sounds which are not given weight in speech become reduced to a rather formless central vowel.
23 The question now, given that there is bound to be further consolidation of equity trading in eastern Europe, is where that liquidity will go.
24 For the equations course, I was given a set of unpublished lectures that emphasized existence proofs and uniqueness of solutions to differential equations.
25 British taxi driver who showed up at BBC headquarters in London to pick up a fare was mistaken for a computer expert, and bustled into a studio and given a microphone to be interviewed.
26 Given all that, it seems you win this bet — but, in light of your friend's unemployed status, why not spring for the lobsters anyway?
27 If that coordinate is at the given level or below, then the tile is coloured blue, otherwise it is left transparent.
28 only way to do that, given the limits of British educational statistics, is to separate out the exam results of children who get free school meals: only the poor get free grub.
29 You should not have given up, she argued. You should have kept fighting.
30 Now, the next task is to look for all the compatible towers for the given interface in the endpoint database.