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No. sentence
1 Not only that, it can give us nourishment at any time, though they are nibbled for several thousands of years, they are still fresh.
2 Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?
3 This means that, unless you say otherwise, no one can perform a piece written by you or make copies of it, even with attribution, unless you give the OK.
4 Yeah, I was really struggling whether I should give you this nice little car.
5 Please give it to my wife if anything should happen to me.
6 Please give him my regards.
7 Please give me police station.
8 Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.
9 If it blossoms, I will love; if not, give up.
10 I should be glad to give you any help if you reveal your thoughts to me.
11 Some phones will even recognize links that have native apps and open the necessary app to give you the best experience possible on your device.
12 Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it.
13 I give you chocolate heart”, “Love bite” or “Warmth of love” could be the names of these photos.
14 Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.
15 Ask him to give you a back massage, slowly sweeping the brush from the top of your shoulders to the backs of your thighs.
16 Swans can give you a nasty peck.
17 I go to give him a kiss - just a peck - and he veers off, jerking his head out of the way like a nervous racehorse, too late to alter my trajectory and pretend I was aiming for his cheek.
18 No indication, but he did not give us any indication before either," he said.
19 At the end of the test, as a "reward" for their participation, they could choose either a reward for themselves or a voucher to give to a friend.
20 And they each give you a different way to go.
21 I was not ready to quit and give up my journey towards life balance and this is when it hit me.
22 Give me some others.
23 Now you can give me some advice.
24 Returns of 300% + should be easily attainable in the right conditions but do not give it back when the market conditions change.
25 When you talk more your potential employer can better understand what you're thinking and if you're giving the right answers to his questions, he might give you the job as well.
26 This season they all just came back to give history and a happy ending a chance.
27 The store arranged to give a free silk kimono to every female customer of a local BMW dealership who brought in a letter sent by the dealership offering the gown as a gift for their past patronage.
28 If we simply give in to every whimsical desire we have, virtually no one would spend less than they earn.
29 's not that 'Father Chavez' is always going to give us handouts.
30 His advice to the new UN coalition is “please don’t offer handouts and don’t give away stoves.”