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No. sentence
1 His father let him not to haunt with us the bad girls.
2 two girls dropped back so as to be alone.
3 Father mediated in the quarrel between the two girls.
4 The girls decoy more easily than most other children.
5 I want every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you girls have.
6 She plans to start a boarding school for girls in her Maasai village in Kenya.
7 Any man who has dated Asian girls who live in the United States, has witnessed the wrath, jealously and prejudice of American women towards Asian girls.
8 Dont you know that little girls arent supposed to come into the bathroom when a little boy is using it!? I hollered.
9 like this — your family, your wife, won’t let you go out and pick up girls. But you went out and did it anyway,” Mr. Guan said.
10 They often mucked about with some girls.
11 You might not see her again, but don't break ties on a bad note — if not for your own pride, then because all girls talk.
12 Instead of chasing girls in the playground, they were getting into flamewars on Usenet about the utter depravity of programming languages that don’t implement Haskell-style type inference.
13 The girls began to bob their hair to be in style.
14 The girls simply could not resist the hair.
15 Both George and Michelle want to go, but George thinks that girls should not be out so late.
16 The study turned out that the men were pretty good in general at remembering girls who'd shown interest, especially if they were pretty and provocatively dressed.
17 For hundreds of years, girls have played with dolls and dressed them up, from paper dolls to Barbie.
18 Then I dressed and off we flew to New York to meet some girls.
19 She would watch her father make pretty dresses for the girls in the village. She would then pick up unwanted cloth and make dresses for her doll.
20 The rowdy schoolboys and apprentices take centre stage; behind them, stitching in a corner or singing to a doll, the girls remain as ghosts.
21 He owned the dance floor as he and two girls proceeded to cut up a rug.
22 His wife left behind her two little girls.
23 girl's eyes moistened with tears.
24 It's impolite of you to study a girl's face.
25 Ask them if they have any questions about boys or girls.
26 Anyway we stayed there an hour or so, and as I was the only one in condition to enjoy the privileges of the house, Collins and Fillmore remained downstairs chattering with the girls.
27 The beauty effaced all girls I have seen.
28 The girl's face called up in his mind the image of his dead wife.
29 What makes smart girls more vulnerable, and less confident, when they should be the most confident kids in the room?
30 Scientific literature has been littered with studies over the past 40 years documenting the superior language skills of girls, but the biological reason why has remained a mystery until now.