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1 The geological prospecting team ranged over the desert in search of valuable deposits of oil.
2 Chuxiong basin is a typical reformed basin, which formed during Mesozoic-Cenozoic periods in south of China and has good petroleum geological condition.
3 The paper probed into the influence of geological factors on landslide development taking Zhaotong region of Yunnan province.
4 America's first national park, Yellowstone is home to wildlife from bears to bison and geological stunners such as hot springs and geysers.
5 Because of the feathers, Ji Qiang, then the director of the National Geological Museum, which bought one of Li's slabs, assumed it was a new species of primitive bird.
6 TQM has been in effect in China for 20 years with much progress. Its development, however, is uneven, and is especially slow in geological prospecting units.
7 However, due to a considerable variation in land area, 1 population density and climatic, geological and topographical conditions, the extent of forest cover differs greatly among the island states.
8 If enough CO2 is injected into an aquifer, it could increase the pressure enough to reactivate a fault and trigger an earthquake," warns Andrew Chadwick of the British Geological Survey.
9 magnitude 7.6 quake was centred 32 miles north-west of the city in western Sumatra, said the US geological survey.
10 The U.S. Geological Survey says nine species of pythons, atype of snake that can range from 12 to 28 feet in length, pose amedium- to high-risk threat to ecosystem health.
11 But have we really ushered in a new geological era, the so-called Anthropocene?
12 Geologists care about sediments, hammering away at them to uncover what they have to say about the past-especially the huge spans of time as the Earth passes from one geological period to another.
13 Geologists from the Utah Geological Survey found the fossil while mapping rock layers in the mountain in 2005.
14 structure and magma activities of Xiahaoping gold deposit are stong, and it has a good metallogenetic geological condition.
15 The Arctic holds one-fifth of the world’s undiscovered, recoverable oil and natural gas, the United States Geological Survey estimates.
16 The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the Arctic has as much as 25 per cent of the world\'s undiscovered oil and gas.
17 But when rocks are heated in subsequent geological processes, they can lose or overwrite that record.
18 Topographic shading is based on the GTOPO 30 elevation dataset compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey’s EROS Data Center.
19 wonderful about looking at the past is the long lens of geological history,” said Whiteside. “There is evidence that food web collapse is starting to occur in some marine ecosystems.
20 The initial data suggests Friday's earthquake moved Japan's main island about 8 feet, according to Kenneth Hudnut of the U.S. Geological Survey.
21 By researching into relevant data model of geological section and integrated data model of geological map and bores, this paper establishes the spatial database of drawing geological section.
22 The sea rapidly erodes this permafrost in coastal zones, a geological process that could have major implications for humans living in such chilly coastal areas.
23 Since becoming head of the Geological Survey's storm impact assessment efforts, based in St. Petersburg, Fla., he has visited the area often.
24 Now, however, a study in the Journal of the Geological Society throws all that into question.
25 Thomas Moran painted Tower Creek, Yellowstone, while on the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871.
26 Within a few years, he would be accepted into scientific organizations like the Geological Society and the Royal Society.
27 The soil contains evidence of the influence of man since the Stone age, bose explains, and this age has already been treated as an independent geological era for a long time.
28 This is because particular isotopes of strontium dominant within a geological region are digested by individuals living there and incorporated into their tooth enamel.
29 The moon seemed to contain all of the geological imperfections of earth.
30 In some places it is indeed replenished quite quickly if rain or surface water is available and the geological and soil conditions are favourable.