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1 While geographic coordinates can be used to represent point locations anywhere, they are not suitable for defining lines of appreciable length or computing distances.
2 This photo and caption were submitted to the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest.
3 One of his biggest achievements was leading a major National Geographic expedition to Antarctica to film the largest iceberg in recorded history.
4 The virus shows both progressive local spread and also that it can be transported over wider geographic areas through the movement of infected swine or contaminated pork products.
5 Lewis served as the field scientist, chronicling botanical, zoological, meteorological, geographic, and ethnographic information.
6 User community and geographic distribution of users.
7 Together with new National Geographic Editor Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Bell steered the magazine in a new direction, favoring more photography and popular coverage.
8 Represents ISO names for geographic locations (US-NC stands for North Carolina in the United States).
9 GIS specialist can add data, like precipitation values or economic data, to each cell, but describing complex irregular geographic shapes is difficult.
10 The later includes such things as coordinating webs of sensors embedded in the environment as well as wearable computing and real-time geographic systems.
11 Geographic targeting can take on multiple forms: by country, region, locality, Zip code, and even GPS coordinates (mobile).
12 Normally when a user types in a query into a search engine the advertising placed alongside the search results is dependent on what the user has search for and/or geographic loction.
13 Fukuda notes a pandemic has nothing to do with the severity of the disease, but rather with its geographic spread.
14 Taking Geographic Information System (GIS) as an urban environmental modelling framework allows modellers to use database, data visualization, and analytical tools in a single integrated environment.
15 Internationalization is a design approach which anticipates the adaptation of a product to multiple different geographic regions and cultures.
16 National Geographic file photo from 2002, a scientist in a full thermal suit collects lava atop Mount Etna.
17 Two years after macabre new relics are discovered at the site of the ancient seaside town, National Geographic provides haunting photos and new details on the long-dead victims of Vesuvius.
18 From Robert E. Peary's expedition to the North Pole to the discovery of the Titanic, National Geographic highlights a century of exploration on its centennial cover.
19 Frequently, this spanned multiple network operation centers across separate geographic regions.
20 Therefore, it is of great theoretic and realistic significance to analyze the advantages and limitations of Indias dream to be a superpower from the geographic perspective.
21 coauthor of Death's Acre, he is also the writer and producer of two highly rated National Geographic documentaries about the Body Farm.
22 Malta's major resources are limestone, a favourable geographic location, and a productive Labour force.
23 of course the Afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
24 This photo and caption were submitted to the 2011 National Geographic Expeditions photo Contest.
25 A written longhand address, such as 1384 Elm Street, is technically geographic data.
26 We found something that was making its exit, was on the way out," said National Geographic fellow Gregory Anderson, one of the leaders of the expedition that discovered Koro.
27 For more on solar flares, sunspots, and solar wind, read "The sun-living With a Stormy Star," from National Geographic magazine.
28 Determining the location of photos also makes it possible to combine them with geographic data bases related to climate, population density, vegetation, topography and land use.
29 The coordinate values represent latitude and longitude: "geographic" coordinates, not projected ones.
30 longitude system is probably the best known way to designate geographic coordinates.