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1 this data collection was designed from the outset to show how the individual's genotype combines with environmental pressures to influence health and development.
2 The software analyzes the person's HIV genotype and his or her current health characteristics against an evolving database of treatment outcomes for more than 33,000 patients and 98,000 therapies.
3 all the outbreaks except for the second outbreak in Spain and the outbreak in Turkey, the D4 genotype of measles virus has been confirmed.
4 common problem in studies attempting to relate genetics with a particular behavior is that a particular genotype might only confer a very small risk.
5 The idea of the Unique Circle Yachts allows for variation of a genotype and its phenotypes, offering a range of possible solutions based on an cognate platform.
6 Results 41 of 45 isolates (91%) Shared the same genotype with HEV Burma strain (B), with nucleotide identities higher than 98% with the representative HEV Chinese strain.
7 The study found that there was no association between carrying the genetic variation and the occurrence or new adenomas, but the genotype did influence the effect of aspirin on adenoma development.
8 P efficient genotype, high P efficient genotype was lower in phloem sugar translocation rate and R/S ratio.
9 plasma levels of HDLC were differed significantly between the TT genotype and the CC genotype(P
10 These ancient humans developed a "thrifty" genotype that helped them adapt to these cycles of want and plenty.
11 Conclusion 5 '-ncr is more conserved than the core region and the genotype is the major cause of gene variation.
12 One genotype, to use the jargon, may allow athletes who use anabolic steroids to escape detection altogether.
13 research progress on classification, genotype distribution and antigenic epitopes is summarized in order to provide the basis of study in diagnosis, vaccine, evolution and zoonosis of HEV.
14 Objective: To investigate the antimicrobial resistance of methicillin resistance coagulase negative staphylococci (MRCNS)and to analyze the relationship between their phenotype and genotype.
15 primordia was affected by both genotype and environment, while the Numbers of bracteal, spikelet and floret primordia were affected mainly by environmental factors.
16 Low temperature pretreatment had a significant effect for embryoid yield, different genotype had different pretreatment time.
17 The results showed that genotype plays a decisive role on informing embryoid in microspore culture, the induction frequency of embryoids significantly difference among different genotypes As no.
18 Objective to study the disease-causing gene mutations in Chinese hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and to reveal the relationship between the genotype and the phenotype.
19 In North America there are six terrestrial animal genotypes including the raccoon virus genotype.
20 Results:The genotype and allele distribution of HL-514C/T polymorphism were significantly different between the whole CHD group and control group(P
21 Objective to evaluate the correlation between cognitive changes and APOE genotype as well as vascular risk factors among the cognitively normal elderly.
22 only be a good idea to know your APOE genotype when there's something we can do about it, " she says.
23 These studies also looked at the roles of stressful life events, genotype at the serotonin transporter gene, and the resulting depression risk.
24 Each generation contributes an imperfect copy of its genotype - and thereby of its phenotype - to its successor.
25 Such epigenetic mechanisms permit a common genotype to producemultiple possible phenotypes.
26 If there is a causal link between omega-3, serotonin transporter genotype and depression, we can develop better strategies to deal with it," she said.
27 As they report this week in PLoS ONE, the shallow-water genotype has become less common over time.
28 The goal of the new biology is to tie these things together reliably and to understand how the phenotype emerges from the genotype.
29 There are many factors, such as compliance of the patient, duration of treatment, genotype, viral load, or other factors.
30 Do you think it would be better to test the patients' IL28B genotype and only give the patients with negative phenotype triple therapy?