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1 So in the last decade, a large number of genomes have been added: most human pathogens, a couple of plants, several insects and several mammals, including the human genome.
2 from being humble messengers, RNAs of all shapes and sizes are actually powerful players in how genomes operate.
3 It's a fascinating question, but, given that we have to reconstruct all this supposed evolution from the current state of modern genomes, finding an answer isn't easy.
4 Trees themselves might become living memorials in the vision of one speculative biotech venture, called Biopresence, which plans to mingle portions of a deceased loved one’s DNA with tree genomes.
5 The microbiologist has applied for a patent on his strains and has sequenced the genomes so he can tell if someone else has stolen it.
6 But by analyzing the genomes of both the parents and the children, the team found that each parent contributed less than half that number, only about 30.
7 Some researchers favored a shotgun approach-cutting up whole genomes, then sequencing and assembling them all at once-but available computers weren't up to the task.
8 As scientists decode more and more genomes, the tree of life gets pretty complicated.
9 With NASA funding, Carr and colleagues at MIT are developing a prototype device to decode alien DNA, a project known as the Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes (SETG).
10 For instance, in social bees, both the workers and guards have the same genomes but different genes get activated to give them distinct behaviors and appearances.
11 Using mitochondrial genomes to gauge relatedness is a way for geneticists to simplify the task of finding common ancestors that lived long ago.
12 Many of those used in the research at the biotechnological centre are clones of genetically-modified rabbits, which have had human genes added to their genomes.
13 year saw a flurry of genomes published, from that of the woolly mammoth to individual cancer patients, a feat aided by a surge in new genetic sequencing techniques, which also made the top ten.
14 Their first goal is to draw a complete map of their subjects' genomes, to figure out what makes their mortality clocks tick so slowly and for so long.
15 If that can be done, the new method may take over from the existing lash-up by which pluripotent stem cells with the genomes of particular individuals are made using transcription factors.
16 The study conducted by the International Schizophrenia Consortium also compared the SNP patterns in schizophrenia patients and the genomes of people with other diseases.
17 These elements are parasitic bits of DNA that have the peculiar ability to insert themselves into host genomes and to splice themselves out when expressed as RNA.
18 The fact that researchers have sequenced the genomes of all 99 strains of the human rhinovirus is cold comfort for my raw nose.
19 If we could have a big enough database of human genomes then you can see the interplay of genetics.
20 After these genomes are synthesized, the first step is just transplanting them into a cell without a genome.
21 team then enlisted the help of yeast cells to link the cassettes in the correct order to produce the finished genomes.
22 This is the first time that a complete cancer genome has been sequenced and similar insights into other cancer genomes are likely to follow.
23 Neo-Darwinism suggests that such imperfections arise primarily from mutations in the genomes of members of the species in question.
24 genomes of most important crops have been sequenced only fairly recently, and that of wheat is only partly done.
25 You could have two genuine species, whose members cannot interbreed, but whose genomes are very similar.
26 The scientists based this ancestral census on a reading of modern human genomes. In particular, they tracked the positions of transposable elements.
27 Just as animals get buried in rock, these viruses become trapped in the genomes of their hosts. While their free-living relatives continue to evolve, fossil viruses are effectively frozen in time.
28 By sequencing the genomes of the microbial tenants from 30 volunteers, the scientists found that the Japanese harbor bugs with seaweed-eating enzymes. Not so the North Americans.
29 genomes of living primates harbor remarkable differences in diversity and provide an intriguing context for interpreting human evolution.
30 With collaborators, 454 published one of the first two full genomes of a specific person - the DNA scientist James D. Watson - and also the genome of Neanderthals.