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1 So in the last decade, a large number of genomes have been added: most human pathogens, a couple of plants, several insects and several mammals, including the human genome.
2 His findings will be published in his analysis of the Neanderthal genome shortly.
3 That is not, of course, why the genome project started.
4 They lie outside the nucleus that houses the main human genome, and because there may be hundreds of them in each cell, their DNA is particularly easy to detect.
5 He does not plan to stick to bacteria, though. The other challenge, besides the minimal genome, is to repeat the trick with single-celled algae.
6 They compared its genome to that of a seedless mutant of a plant called Arabidopsis that’s used in a lot of research.
7 But an intriguing facet of this work is that, until now, most researchers had focused their hunt for differences on the protein-coding stretches of the genome.
8 If we can map the human genome, why do we need to pour chemicals in a dog's eyes?
9 Knowing the pinot noir genome should also help people who would like to grow grapes in places now off-limits to them-either for climatic reasons or because local diseases would kill them.
10 French scientists spliced GFP into a white rabbit's genome; Chicago artist Eduardo Kac claimed it was his idea, though scientists later disputed that.
11 But the problem with all these studies is that they tracked specific genetic lineages, and not the entire genome and, hence, populations.
12 They sequenced a 368 base pair fragment from the mitochrondrial genome and then compared it to sequences from ancient dogs, as well as to sequences from modern dogs, wolves, and coyotes.
13 Once inside the cell, the tagged genes are inserted into a cell's genome at random.
14 Scientists at the New Delhi-based National Institute of Plant Genome Research took a gene from the edible amaranth plant and introduced the gene to seven commercial varieties of potatoes.
15 virus' genome has eight segments, each of which it copies and assembles into new viruses.
16 Biologists can infer the reason for these selective forces from the kinds of genes that are tagged by the genome scans.
17 Therefore it is the region of the genome to which the greatest number of diseases have been localized," added Gregory, from Duke University in the United States.
18 The zebra finch recently had its genome decoded by Warren et al.
19 In their new study, the scientists screened the entire human genome and teased out a profile of genes that they think are involved in breaking nicotine addiction.
20 In the last few years, biologists have been able to scan the whole human genome for the signatures of genes undergoing selection.
21 Now, more than a decade after the first draft genome was published, he reflects on the accuracy of those 1986 predictions.
22 The past decade, since the completion of the Human Genome Project, has seen two related developments that make it almost inevitable.
23 the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge and two other institutes in the U.S. and Canada revealed each one of us receives up to 60 mutations in our genome from our parents.
24 Once the genome is more complex, however, further mutations can make a creature's body or behaviour more complex.
25 Our data provide new insights into the function of histone methylation and chromatin organization in genome function.
26 Routine personal DNA sequencing that will allow doctors to take your genome into account when considering whether to prescribe a medication with known benefits for people with a particular gene.
27 He added the gene responsible for the formation of luciferase to the genome of herpes simplex virus type 1 and injected the modified virus into mice.
28 dog genome sequence has made the animals an even more useful model by quickening the search for disease-causing genes.
29 Amid celebrations of the 10-year anniversary of the Human genome Project, a team of researchers says both scientists and journalists are guilty of hyping the potential of genome sequencing.
30 The role of MSI and LOH is not very clear in the oncogenesis and process of esophagus squamous cell carcinoma, as well as of MMR genes and genome instability.