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1 The family then came to the attention of geneticists at Oxford, who began a dogged search for the gene that caused these problems.
2 However, so far, geneticists have found only rare gene mutations that contribute to isolated cases of obesity.
3 Palaeo anthropologists, archaeologists and, more recently, geneticists have all bolstered the "out of Africa" theory, which holds that early man wandered out of the Rift Valley.
4 Using mitochondrial genomes to gauge relatedness is a way for geneticists to simplify the task of finding common ancestors that lived long ago.
5 He learned the small nation is quite literally a family; curiously, geneticists have found that all Icelandic citizens are related.
6 Geneticists have by now identified a set of genes that regulate the SCN and thus the circadian rhythm among mammals.
7 Geneticists have developed several statistical methods for detecting sweeps, and hence of natural selection in action.
8 Kari Stefansson, one of the world's leading geneticists and the founder of Decode Genetics, recalled a poem he wrote in 1996, a few months after the birth of Dolly, the cloned sheep.
9 Redundancy is well known in biology - it is the bane of developmental geneticists.
10 Using recently developed molecular and other tests, Dr. Hahn's team of primatologists, pathologists, geneticists and virologists studied three chimpanzee communities in Gombe National Park.
11 But geneticists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham [Lynn Holt et al.] note that family gatherings are a great time to learn more about your family's health issues.
12 That's the impressive potential of an ongoing Pentagon-funded research project, spearheaded by geneticists at Duke University.
13 Geneticists have long known that new traits often require new genes, but the question remains where new genes originate.
14 biologists and geneticists have pursued the secret to longevity on a cellular or molecular level, first in animals and more recently in people.
15 Geneticists are interested in variations in the human DNA sequence because these underlie human diversity, including susceptibility to disease.
16 The thinking behind eugenics is still present. Many senior geneticists point to a genetically engineered future.
17 Innovative collaborative research efforts between geneticists, fish nutritionists and the industrial sectors producing these products are beginning to resolve these technical problems.
18 Although geneticists of reasonable skill, they have no power, not matter their skills, to create a soul carrier form.
19 Geneticists have gone crazy over such " opportunities ". They 've developed string beans that are straight instead of curved , and all one length .
20 The geneticists and the laboratory voyeurs may be busy for some time.
21 This makes it likely that geneticists will publish the complete genome of this hirsute beast before long.
22 geneticists were not interested in particular genes until recently.
23 The first sequenced individual human genomes belonged to famous geneticists J.
24 But in 2008 several geneticists convinced me that the field had advanced far enough to give us a good chance of getting useful results.
25 The geneticists' work is “immensely impressive,” Dr. Little said, and adds a third leg to the studies of plague by historians and by archaeologists.
26 The geneticists behind the controversial technique said it could potentially be used to improve livestock breeds or preserve endangered species.
27 Recently geneticists have taken a closer look at a genetic aberration previously considered rare: copy number variation (CNV).
28 This series continually publishes important reviews of the broadest interest to geneticists and their colleagues in affiliated disciplines.
29 Both whole-genome studies show the technique's promise, geneticists say.
30 If asked to guess which group of scientists is most likely to be responsible, one day, for overturning the essential nature of humanity, most people might suggest geneticists.