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1 In the paring down of genetic material and the production of several slave RACES of humans, the information for the unconscious was lost.
2 Some people argue that the sale of genetic tests directly to consumers should be banned.
3 That's a big chronological span, and it netted a big genetic haul: the research identified no fewer than 440 genes that start to slow down after age 40.
4 Whether a woman is an "apple" or a "pear" is determined by a range of genetic factors, found researchers at Oxford University and the Medical research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge.
5 A SNP is a variation in just one nucleotide of a genetic sequence; think of it as a spelling change affecting just one letter in an uncommonly long word.
6 Narcissism deserves its own category, she said, because like most mental ailments, narcissistic personality disorder is partially genetic and partially created by one's environment.
7 Married siblings are more likely to pass on twin copies of harmful genes, leaving their children vulnerable to a variety of genetic defects. Tutankhamun's malformed foot may have been one such flaw.
8 Scientists have taken a potentially important step toward a therapy for sickle cell disease, a common genetic disorder characterized by malformed red blood cells.
9 They were probably simpler than any cell now alive, and may have lacked not only protein-based catalysis, but perhaps even the familiar genetic macromolecules, with their ribose-phosphate backbones.
10 The next giant leap in human evolution may not come from new fields like genetic engineering or artificial intelligence, but rather from appreciating our ancient brains.
11 But when genetic characterization of the contents of beetle guts gave some unexpected results, the researchers decided to take a closer look at earthworm DNA.
12 Chromosomes are long strands of genetic material or DNA that have been packaged and compressed by wrapping around proteins.
13 Swabs were taken from inside the players' mouths and the DNA placed on a small testing device called a biochip. This had been coated with the genetic mutations for which they were being tested.
14 However, what science told us back in 1984 was that human females certainly could never have a natural virgin birth, because of a genetic barrier in mammals called imprinting.
15 has also shed light on the genetic basis of the synthesis of oil, flavonoids, antioxidants, hormones, pigments and aromas.
16 Some genetic detective work by scientists has shown that bluefin tuna, an endangered fish, regularly gets put on the plates of sushi eaters in New York and Colorado.
17 The extent to which genes are to blame varies, but for those with the worst vision, around 80% of the condition is caused by genetic factors.
18 But the atlas has revealed a startling genetic diversity; different slabs of cortex are defined by entirely different sets of genes.
19 Researchers from the University of Oxford announced on Thursday that they have developed the first genetic test for predicting the likelihood that a patient's colon cancer will recur.
20 For the past 10, 000 years, it's been cultural changes that have shaped how humans have evolved and coped with their environments - not genetic changes.
21 The experiment paves the way for the treatment of a range of genetic eye disorders in humans, including some that cause full or partial blindness in millions of people worldwide.
22 Scientists also want to use such cells to learn how some genetic defects affect development of the heart and other organs.
23 With this relatively new technology of genetic engineering, naturally there are questions the public has never considered before, and people want some answers before they accept it.
24 In the developed world, it has already proved its worth in groundbreaking treatments for diseases such as haemophilia, and techniques for detecting genetic diseases.
25 First, they used genetic tools to deactivate cell receptors-molecules that send and receive signals to and from other cells-for testosterone and estrogen in the developing limb buds of mouse embryos.
26 Despite this, genetic tests for this gene variant are currently being marketed on the Internet for those who can afford them.
27 Genetic analyses spotted one gene variation common to them both.
28 The development of cloned animals dramatically narrows the genetic base on which our food production relies, just when we need to widen it.
29 Flu viruses are especially prone to this and some pandemics have emerged because of this genetic mixing.
30 don't get genetic diversity with clones,” said Sean C. Lahmeyer, a plant conservation specialist at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif.