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1 One of their effects is to keep HIV genes switched off.
2 I'm not the only one who's ambivalent: while most Americans are curious to learn what's in their genes, fewer than 100, 000 have actually bought the scans available to them.
3 That's a big chronological span, and it netted a big genetic haul: the research identified no fewer than 440 genes that start to slow down after age 40.
4 So when they form, the histones are stripped off and replaced with another molecule called protamine, which shapes the DNA into an even tighter bundle, where the genes cannot be read.
5 So the copy of your sequence will be free, but the interpretation of what it means, what you can do about it, and how to use it -- the manual for your genes so to speak -- will be expensive.
6 And even before that, they were linking particular genes to different diseases, finding all kinds of mutations that could lead to breast cancer and other ailments.
7 Married siblings are more likely to pass on twin copies of harmful genes, leaving their children vulnerable to a variety of genetic defects. Tutankhamun's malformed foot may have been one such flaw.
8 gastric chemical soup will be an almost identical mixture of sugars, fats, proteins and fragments of assorted genes whether the milk we drank was conventional or gm.
9 Historically women chose manly men because features such as a square jaw, low brow and thin lips were linked to superior genes which would produce stronger and healthier offspring.
10 How do different genes get turned on (" expressed ") or off (" silenced ") in just the right combinations to produce heart cells, bone cells and brain cells?
11 study involved a highly scientific means of assessingattraction: women smelled sweaty T-shirts, and tended to prefer those worn by men with genes similar to those of their fathers.
12 If you have ever been attracted by a person's scent, it may be their genes you smell.
13 He once believed that genes and brain function could determine everything about us.
14 But a couple of weeks after doctors injected one eye with new genes, she could see the refrigerator door.
15 The extent to which genes are to blame varies, but for those with the worst vision, around 80% of the condition is caused by genetic factors.
16 Their genetics—including the genetics of sleep—have been studied for almost a century, and many of the genes that play a role in human sleep resemble those that control sleep in fruit flies.
17 Ever since the human-genome project was completed, it has puzzled biologists that animals, be they worms, flies or people, all seem to have about the same number of genes for proteins-around 20, 000.
18 But then we consume genes from a vast variety of sources in every meal.
19 Computer comparison then shows which human genes correspond in DNA sequence and thus, presumably, in function, to the genes in these "model" organisms.
20 The only way to treat them is to replace these genes.
21 This finding is certainly not an excuse to keep on smoking but it does bode well for those who may not have those genes as well.
22 The idea is that these genes could be hitched to others that mess with the parasite's life cycle and make those spread as well.
23 Gene analysis indicates it also affects the expression of genes involved in wound healing.
24 What if the "junk" in our DNA is actually as important as our genes?
25 Some people carry genes that increase their risk of depression.
26 Chromosomes are strands of DNA that carry genes, and there are 23 pairs in almost every cell in the body.
27 Every person (women and men alike) has two copies of each of these genes in most cells in her or his body.
28 What determines how human beings act is not their genes but how their society teaches them to act.
29 But the atlas has revealed a startling genetic diversity; different slabs of cortex are defined by entirely different sets of genes.
30 Want to translate those mirror genes into enzymes?