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No. sentence
1 What has happened to the youth of this generation, which has set it so far apart from the rest?
2 Our generation doesnt need a spokesman.
3 cost of such distributed generation systems, Mr Shah says, has fallen by half in the past decade, and they can be set up almost as fast as diesel generators.
4 Generation by generation, though, Guan's children and grandchildren climbed higher up the educational ladder, and as they climbed they gathered the material fruit that came of their learning.
5 country I knew was one of revival and hope and "paradise lost" was a sentiment once reserved for the generation of my mother and father.
6 These new ideas are penetrating into the minds of the younger generation.
7 Your next generation systems should not just be all about gaming.
8 The next generation will be bigger business still.
9 This is the first generation of people who have grown up with bad divorces.
10 This duplication is intentional because eventually the generation of the grammar and the dialog manager can be accomplished in the same program.
11 Fred Pearce is author of The Last Generation: How nature will take her revenge for climate change (Eden Project Books) and writes a weekly greenwash column for environmentguardian.co.uk.
12 Why only pass this to the young generation?
13 The next generation of astronauts may hurtle through the cosmos for years or decades on a mission to explore distant planets and stars - and never return.
14 Polio eradication will be a perpetual gift from us - and from all those in the field - to every future generation of children to be born.
15 But most striking, I think, is that we Generation X women went to college, climbed the career ladder, and found the top rung—only to realize the ladder didn't have a next step, just an empty void.
16 They say it is time to elect a women President, believing such a victory will serve as a role model for the next generation.
17 But this creates a problem — what if an object in the older generation references a younger object, which is not reachable through any other chain of references from a root?
18 But what matters to you - what matters to our country - is not what happens in the next election, but what we do to lift up the next generation.
19 For about a generation, the U.S. surfed on a growing wave of debt.
20 has no idea that hundreds of workers in other parts of the hive are doing the same thing at the same time to the benefit of the next generation.
21 The first generation of robotic tuna had to be tethered to a heap of electronics the size of a fridge.
22 One way to do this would be to trace the old generation, but this clearly has significant overhead.
23 Well, before we creep off the pitch with a chronic sense of failure, it's cheering to remember what this generation has achieved.
24 Many Chinese of her generation are now taking baking lessons, she says, so that they can make their children cookies, brownies and muffins.
25 With the classic proxy server, you can configure the plug-in routing file generation and distribution Settings at the cluster level.
26 Let history not say of our generation that we let the opportunity of ending hunger slip through our fingers.
27 Dynamic proxy, as its name suggests, supports an SEI dynamically at run time without requiring any code generation of a stub class that implements a specific SEI.
28 It seems almost gratuitous to be posing such questions in a country where income levels have increased fivefold in half a generation.
29 What about the next generation of air-traffic control systems that promise to use GPS satellites and radio transponders to warn all aircraft in a given area about the presence of others?
30 Two more centuries elapsed before this information was organized and synthesized into an explanation for "spontaneous generation" of life.