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No. sentence
1 Not only because they generally have shopping with them for the market, but because they are often on the heavy side.
2 These sorts of issues are very hard to test for because they generally only occur when an application is under heavy load.
3 prices of fruit generally run up during the winter months.
4 She always oversleeps the time she generally gets up on Saturdays.
5 facade of a Xi Guan house was generally built with grey bricks.
6 These vertical language units are generally independent of each other, and thus you can use them independently.
7 I generally write little vignettes about daily occurrences I’d like to remember, ” she said.
8 Functional tools generally record your actions and allow you to enter data in specific fields, but they lack the ability to catch and interrogate the resultant event.
9 This is clearly admirable; other South African wineries generally prefer to sweep the past under a rug.
10 Generally, I like to write scripts to do this; you will find an example below.
11 What kind of sample size do you need to generally get close to that actual?
12 Like Buddhism, "the approach of science is generally based on unbiased findings through observation, analysis and finding the truth," he noted.
13 Once the kids have been bucked off, the game generally dissolves into a raucous bout of wrestling and tickling.
14 In agile teams this is generally reflected in the use of planning poker and a focus on estimating by feature rather than task.
15 Filial piety, and the strength of the family generally, are perhaps the weakest point in Confucian ethics, the only point where the system departs seriously from common sense.
16 Generally speaking, the large porcelain with small crackles and the small one with large crackles are quite valuable.
17 Generally speaking, the blood box level may reflect indirectly thrusts out the island function and the insulin secretion level or the effect.
18 In addition, runtime query and update performance of specific portions of the decomposed XML data is generally predictable.
19 But for comparison's sake, here's a picture I took in Amsterdam, not generally thought of as an under-regulated city, a couple of weeks before I took that picture in Massachusetts.
20 Astronomical objects generally don't live up to their names, with constellations like Taurus or Aries bearing little resemblance to a bull or ram.
21 Pisces will generally not mind if the Aries wants to be the boss.
22 When someone says, "I'm a speaker," this is generally what they mean.
23 More generally, you can define documents with any combination of domains and topics.
24 These powders contain a natural sunscreen, and since they generally don't build up on the skin you can keep adding protection all day long," says Crutchfield.
25 Generally speaking, if you have a file open in the editor, the other views reflect different aspects of that file.
26 Sure, I saw him but, generally speaking, drunks falling over are not my problem. Next time I see one I will do the same.
27 Generally speaking, different memory management mechanisms have their advantages and disadvantages, so you may not wish to assume a particular mechanism in advance.
28 Aboriginal clans who traditionally built themselves bark shelters, generally painted on the large slab of stringy bark that formed the roof.
29 I explained in the first posing article in this series that I would generally only use a controlled pose for close-ups (headshots or beauty shots).
30 While nail biting is not generally harmful, if you attack the cuticles you can risk bleeding and bacterial infection.