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No. sentence
1 I tell you the general terms, and then let the chairman summarize.
2 comment relates to another point I would make about general equilibrium; not only has it never existed, and is not an operational concept, but also it could not conceivably exist.
3 In general, data flows up, in events, toward the data processor, or down, via refresh, toward the event generator.
4 In general, to be THREADSAFE, a routine should not use any global or static data areas.
5 a man to Jingzhou to substitute for General Guan and bring Guan back before we go into battle.
6 Many Nepalis seem ambivalent about Kings in general; but almost all want to see the back of this one.
7 Yet the hopes which that movement represented surged again after the general election of March 2008, and especially after August 2008 when Mr Anwar won a seat in Penang.
8 In general, the migration tool makes a best guess as to how to migrate any given element.
9 prospect of bankruptcy of his company beetled over the general manager.
10 Too often, software development organizations operate with a loose, general notion of quality and tolerate defects that most engineering disciplines would not allow.
11 The general designated an officer to the command.
12 He drew me a map of this city, which gave me a general idea of the size of the city.
13 It is said that the victorious general waited upon the king yesterday.
14 Baseline new versions of the foundation architectures and broadcast them for general availability and consumption by projects.
15 During his visit, Secretary General Annan will go to Peking University to talk with students there and receive interview from the Chinese media.
16 For each activity, the general format of the log record follows the definition described above.
17 We have already stated the general principle that we should prefer business domain names for services and operations, using verbs for operation names.
18 The general landed on the scout for his not carefully observing the enemy situation.
19 The study turned out that the men were pretty good in general at remembering girls who'd shown interest, especially if they were pretty and provocatively dressed.
20 Fortunately, most of our players agreed with the idea, but it was still frustrating to spend so many hours arguing, compromising, explaining, and, in general, wasting time.
21 The general laid down a few strategic targets on the map.
22 The general calculation for working out your metabolism is to multiply your weight in pounds by 10 or your weight in kilograms by 22.
23 The final decision rests with the general manager.
24 But they are still not sure whether their general is a madman or a genius.
25 He drove one army chief to resign and tried to sack another, General Musharraf—at which point, the general launched his coup.
26 General Barton said if there was any hurry to hurl down on the ground.
27 It may not be in the general design criteria but it becomes part of your operating license or design basis because you now have to implement these things based on your reactors.
28 She deputizes for me as general manager while I am on holiday.
29 There is great uncertainty, mostly because there is such uncertainty in general about how to control the rate of growth in health care costs.
30 private secretary denied the general manager to all those without appointments.