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1 In other experiments, they discovered that "knocking" out the gene that produces SP in transgenic mice lowered their chances of acquiring the condition.
2 If these areas become methylated, it tends to suppress transcription of the gene in question.
3 In recent years, it has also become clear that carriers of a particular version of a particular gene are at higher risk than others of depression and attempted suicide when they face traumatic events.
4 They injected the reporter gene in a mouse egg to see what the switch would do.
5 The map could help scientists re-engineer the virus for gene therapy, as well as to create possible treatments for cancer and other ailments.
6 They have one abnormal gene from that parent and one normal gene from the other parent.
7 Dr Lawrence Chan and his team at the the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, injected a gene into mice which converted stem cells in the liver to replace those damaged in the pancreas.
8 This process is finely adjusted, so in Sweden the plant switches off the gene later than one of the same species in southern England.
9 Researchers have shown that a rogue gene linked to obesity makes us fat by boosting appetite.
10 Mice bred to have extra copies of the rogue gene were healthy but ate more and became heavier than normal rodents.
11 These discoveries changed the meaning of the word “gene”.
12 more mutations in the gene, the faster that species has evolved since it split from the common ancestor.
13 In a new book, The political Gene: how Darwin's Ideas Changed Politics, he highlights how often - and how easily - Darwin's big idea has been harnessed for sinister political ends.
14 The 13 gene sets associated with "apples and pears" only account for about one percent of the variety in waist-to-hip ratios among the population.
15 One of the newest methods relies on a gene that makes algae sensitive to light.
16 They get their kicks by comparing whether they share the gene that makes urine stink after eating asparagus, or the one that determines whether earwax is mealy or oily.
17 In this case, the variation happens inside a gene for one of the receptor molecules that nicotine attaches itself to when it produces its buzz.
18 first case, strong positive selection for the gene is dissipated by weak selection against hundreds of others.
19 Gene analysis indicates it also affects the expression of genes involved in wound healing.
20 But researchers suspect a mutation in one gene allows some people to skip the process of forming fingerprints during development.
21 The people with the gene variant were sleepier and more fatigued whether they were fully rested or sleep-deprived, and their sleep was more fragmented.
22 We have beaten them in every aspect of the game," he said of rival gene hunters at American and British universities.
23 When mammals captured the gene, they used it in the placenta to create a layer of fused cells through which mothers can send nutrients to their embryos.
24 Reporting on his research, Britain's Daily Mail announced that Samani had found the "Peter Pan gene" — a headline that Samani greeted with a weary smile.
25 The family then came to the attention of geneticists at Oxford, who began a dogged search for the gene that caused these problems.
26 Gene screens are fast becoming a powerful tool, not just for diagnosing cancer but for treating it as well.
27 The reason is that after a favored version of a gene has swept through the population, mutations start building up in its DNA, eroding the uniformity that is evidence of a sweep.
28 TMAdV's rarity in humans could make it a potentially powerful tool as a viral vehicle for delivering gene therapy, Chiu adds.
29 This gene controls the glucose consumption of cells and so provides the fuel by which they grow and multiply.
30 Most cells in your body have two copies of every chromosome and, therefore, two copies of every gene: one from your mother and one from your father.