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1 As gender and sexuality carry along them dynamics of hierarchy, anarchism is obliged to address, analyse and oppose the suppression of one's autonomy because of the dynamics that gender roles traditionally impose.
2 Tacitus presents Agrippina as being kindred to aristocratic males, and has her reversing gender roles, which showcases her assumption of male auctoritas ("authority") with metaphors of her dressing and undressing.
3 When considering gender roles in advertising, individuals are influenced by three categories.
4 Despite its international success and perceived ability to change the flow from East to West, there were still instances of Western adaptation for the movie, such as putting more emphasis on female characters to better execute a balance between gender roles in the East and West.
5 Cultural attitudes toward gender roles, contraception, and sexual activity vary greatly around the world, and range from extremely conservative to extremely liberal.
6 additionally, in cultures with more traditional gender roles, women may feel uncomfortable demanding that their partners use condoms.
7 Advocacy for social change has done much to relax the constrictions of gender roles on men and women, but they are still subject to prejudice from some people.
8 Very few reliable sources exist regarding Celtic views on gender divisions and societal status, though some archaeological evidence does suggest that their views of gender roles may differ from contemporary and less egalitarian classical counterparts of the Roman era.
9 Paradigm shifts in gender roles in society and also many churches has inspired reevaluation by many Christians of some long-held attitudes to the contrary.
10 In addition to what would now be viewed as pseudo-scientific studies of race, which tended to reinforce a belief in an inherent mother-country racial superiority, a new supposedly "science-based" ideology concerning gender roles also then emerged as an adjunct to the general body of beliefs of inherent superiority of the colonial era.
11 Such seemingly flawed studies of race and gender coincided with the era of colonialism and the initial introduction of foreign cultures, appearances, and gender roles into the now gradually widening world-views of the scholars of the mother-countries.
12 However, there have been and are differing attitudes among denominations and individual Christians towards not only the concept of Christian marriage, but also concerning divorce, remarriage, gender roles, family authority (the "headship" of the husband), the legal status of married women, birth control, marriageable age, cousin marriage, marriage of in-laws, interfaith marriage, same-sex marriage, and polygamy, among other topics, so that in the 21st century there cannot be said to be a single, uniform, worldwide view of marriage among all who profess to be Christians.
13 C.F. Bentley reads Dracula as an embodiment of the Freudian id. Carol A. Senf reads the novel as a response to the New Woman archetype, while Christopher Craft sees Dracula as embodying latent homosexuality and sees the text as an example of a 'characteristic, if hyperbolic instance of Victorian anxiety over the potential fluidity of gender roles'. Stephen D. Arata interprets the events of the novel as anxiety over colonialism and racial mixing, and Talia Schaffer construes the novel as an indictment of Oscar Wilde.
14 Moll Flanders is an important work in the development of the novel, as it challenged the common perception of femininity and gender roles in 18th-century British society.
15 Morris is also criticised for stating that gender roles have a deep evolutionary rather than cultural background.
16 It has been linked to stereotypes and gender roles, and may include the belief that one sex or gender is intrinsically superior to another.
17 Toddlers also begin to identify themselves in gender roles, acting according to their perception of what a man or woman should do. Socially, the period of toddler-hood is commonly called the "terrible twos".
18 The issue of gender roles also becomes apparent in this piece, as the women in Horatii greatly contrast the group of brothers.
19 Cultural universals include behaviors related to language, cognition, social roles, gender roles, and technology.
20 The debate surrounding that verse is legend and the two schools of thought are (1) this only applies to the spiritual standing of people in the eyes of God, it does not implicate social distinctions and gender roles on earth;
21 The first interpretation states that Paul's words eliminate the biological differences between males and females and thus calls gender roles into question.
22 Evangelicals’ political views more so than their religious beliefs often guide their positions on social issues such as: abortion, immigration, gay marriage, gender roles, affirmative action, race, criminal justice, the death penalty, and the privatization of public education.
23 Third-wave feminism also contained internal debates between difference feminists, who believe that there are important psychological differences between the sexes, and those who believe that there are no inherent psychological differences between the sexes and contend that gender roles are due to social conditioning.
24 In the late twentieth century various feminists began to argue that gender roles are socially constructed, and that it is impossible to generalize women's experiences across cultures and histories.
25 Meera Nanda further cautions that this may in fact trap women within "traditional gender roles and help justify patriarchy".
26 Claiming that "architectural planning has an inextricable link with the defining and regulation of gender roles, responsibilities, rights, and limitations", Mathur came up with that term "to explore ... the meaning of 'architecture' in terms of gender" and "to explore the meaning of 'gender' in terms of architecture".
27 Each highlights what the authors believe to be the socially constructed aspects of gender roles by creating worlds with genderless societies.
28 Feminist science fiction works often present tropes that are recurrent across science fiction with an emphasis on gender relations and gender roles.
29 Representations of utopian and dystopian societies in feminist science fiction place an increased emphasis on gender roles while countering the anti-utopian philosophies of the 20th century.
30 There are many examples of redefined gender roles and gender identity found in Feminist SF, ranging from the inversion of gendered oppression to the amplification of gender stereotypes and tropes.