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1 Even people who think the ban on gays in uniform is unjust are affronted that the nation’s top law school should actively discourage its students from serving their country.
2 Many closeted gays participated in individual sports to avoid the discomfort of team-sport culture, and the Olympics is the biggest showcase of individual sports.
3 I did not say anywhere that the police will arrest the gays because I know of gay rights," Odinga said at a conference today in Nairobi, the capital.
4 church he loved was celibate, hostile to women priests and set against gays; if Catholics were only faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium, he wrote, all would be well.
5 Using cynical language that would offend the gays and the military alike if it became public, they drafted a memo on how to handle the subject.
6 Walker heard 13 days of testimony and arguments since January during the first trial in federal court to examine if states can prohibit gays from getting married.
7 Not all gays want to marry, of course; but some are as keen as their straight friends to see their partnership recognised and protected by such a “valued and respected” institution.
8 Five years ago the making of such a programme would have been unthinkable, but now, according to Mr Hong, people are at last beginning to realise that gays are “not aliens”.
9 upstairs bar was full of butch gays in cowboy outfits, drinking beer out of the bottle.
10 His study found a higher rate of suicide attempts even among kids who weren't bullied or depressed when they lived in counties less supportive of gays and with relatively few Democrats.
11 Her father was a Baptist preacher, and her former husband was a member of the church of Christ, so she knew how unwelcoming some churches could be for gays.
12 Many in the military, more bluntly, have a stereotype of gays as mincing, epicene “others” —a cartoon image which, the Pentagon survey shows, overwhelmingly evaporates on personal acquaintance.
13 The clinic she set up with her husband Marcus (which she cites as evidence of her understanding of job creation) offered to make gays straight via the agency of prayer.
14 The issue remains deeply divisive in America, where two voters out of three oppose marriage for gays.
15 Gays conduct their relationships as though they are acting out some cheesy pop song: You have to make my heart beat faster for me to love you.
16 Gay marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships is afforded to gays in many countries and states.
17 As Denny Meyer, editor of gay military Signal, a veteran's advocacy publication, told me, there are many gays in the military and always have been.
18 Smirnov, who was asked to quit his job at the Moscow mayor's office after he came out in Afisha, an arts and culture magazine, says gays are seen as "alien people".
19 On Sunday, the Holy Father launched his fiercest attack on gays, insisting that the World Pride festival in Rome was “an offence to the Christian values” of the city.
20 myself only, it is my personal belief that allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly would be the right thing to do,” he said.
21 That became clear in February, when the government backed away from a confrontation over the question of whom churches should employ—and, in particular, over which posts can be barred to gays.
22 Which just goes to show that when the rednecks, hippies, misfits, gays and straights band together, Nashville not only changes, but the rest of the world does, too.
23 Though the organization paints a still overall grim picture for young gays, fully 78% of gay and transgender kids say they feel safe at school, according to a 2005 GLSEN report.
24 Polish friend of his, Sebastian Blaszczyk, 36, said the situation in Poland "gets better and better every year," but the country still has far to go in accepting gays.
25 This would amount to an ambitious reshaping of the status of America's gays, but Mr Obama has given no indication of when these planned initiatives would be acted upon.
26 public persuasion, each group needed an urgent spokesman. Blacks had MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) and gays had MILK — Harvey Milk.
27 However, ignoring the wishes of gays and lesbians by enacting these laws will leave many of them unhappy because they cannot legally "tie the knot" with the person they love.
28 The review that Gates cannily put in hand included opinions about gays among the serving military, which found that some 70 percent thought repeal would have little or no effect.
29 Its members include Rocco Buttiglione, whose reactionary views on gays and single mothers cost him a seat in the European Commission in 2004.
30 One was a veteran Christian Democratic prime minister, Giulio Andreotti, whose decision may have reflected Vatican distaste for a bill to give legal rights to unmarried couples, including gays.