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gather in a sentence

1. Aeetes stopped to gather them.

2. The Assassins gather in a bar.

3. I mean, I gather they all did.

4. Young people gather around.

5. I gather it's soon to be over.

6. People gather in the piazza.

7. The soldiers gather.

8. Both sexes gather and forage.

9. They may gather at clay licks.

10. Gather on the evening blast;

11. The Camorrists gather.

12. Buffy and Spike gather weapons.

13. Osulf began to gather an army.

14. The Cracks Gather

15. Both sides gather their forces;

16. Willpower will gather.

17. Willpower will gather.

18. We'd gather around and sing.

19. gather out the stones;

20. Left and right we gather them.

21. Everyone Gather!

22. gather to work on projects;

23. 73. Kuunga meaning to gather.

24. In autumn seabirds gather.

25. to gather the gentle;

26. Males gather in great numbers;

27. The bandits gather the money;

28. Gather your playthings.

29. I'll go gather firewood.

30. Maidens, gather not the yew.