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gas exchange in a sentence

1. They supplement this with gas exchange through the skin.

2. However, the mother's body does provide gas exchange.

3. Gas exchange in reptiles still occurs in alveoli however.

4. This results in impaired gas exchange.

5. No gas exchange is possible in these spaces.

6. No gas exchange takes place in the bronchi.

7. the mother's body does provide gas exchange.

8. It is also the surface of gas exchange;

9. Gas exchange in reptiles still occurs in alveoli;

10. they call this the gas exchange.

11. gas exchange is usually abnormal and mild hypoxemia is common.

12. Adequate gas exchange is necessary for optimal plant growth.

13. Phrynophiurida have bursae for gas exchange and excretion.

14. The atria are the site of gas exchange by simple diffusion.

15. This might, in turn, increase the rate of gas exchange.

16. They have respiratory trees for gas exchange.

17. therefore, at that zone there will be no gas exchange.

18. respiration and gas exchange systems have to change;

19. Gas exchange takes place through the wall of the pouch.

20. It has no bursae for gonads and gas exchange/excretion.

21. This results in poor gas exchange and pulmonary hypertension.

22. The tentacles are also used as gills for gas exchange.

23. These are short vertical roots and are used for gas exchange.

24. To function in gas exchange, lungs require a blood supply.

25. The tube foot rows also aid in gas exchange.

26. Gas exchange takes place at the same time.

27. The lophophore is used for feeding and for gas exchange.

28. GLX is a liquefied natural gas exchange in Singapore.

29. This impairs gas exchange.

30. alveoli are where the crucial gas exchange takes place.