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No. sentence
1 How can this gap between the modest expectations of the Originators with respect to the impact of the Agile Manifesto and its actual attractiveness be explained?
2 hostile duo has begun lobbying merger arbitrageurs, who buy shares in acquisition targets hoping to profit from the gap between the trading and sale prices.
3 comparison with the coastal area and in meeting the local needs, the educational resources shortage in senior high school period in Yuxi is obvious: the supply and demand gap is wide.
4 The gap between income and expenditure has widened to 11%.
5 But the implications of that gap have not yet been fully digested.
6 Cal state is one of 24 state university systems that have pledged to close the gap in graduation rates between low-income, minority students and their classmates.
7 Surprisingly, most disagreed with the view of experts who claim the urban-rural disparity is causing the widening gap.
8 gap between these countries' borrowing costs and Germany's became wider than at any time since the birth of the single currency.
9 We are determined to bring credit to our country by filling this gap in our industry.
10 A few countries bucked the trend with France, Greece and Spain all enjoying a narrowing of the gap between rich and poor over the past 20 years.
11 It increases the gap between emotional impulse and action, allowing you to do what Buddhists call recognizing the spark before the flame.
12 Spark plugs only ignite the fuel mixture near the spark gap, reducing the combustion efficiency, and the metal that makes them up is slowly eroded as they age.
13 More experienced entrepreneurs jump that gap quicker and usually with better success, and, in The Times when they make bad decisions, they know how to tuck and roll and keep their eyes forward.
14 Then, after a 12-day gap in 1876—when Bell went to Washington to sort out patent questions about his work—he suddenly began trying another kind of voice transmitter.
15 Such gap exists in almost all countries, due to the differences between urban and rural environments.
16 A working-class Hispanic woman is far more likely to be a single mother than her white and wealthy counterpart, yet the male-female happiness gap holds in East Hampton and East L.A. alike.
17 Under those conditions, states are barred from cutting school funds and using the new federal dollars to fill the gap.
18 Such a deal would close the cognac and champagne gap in Diageo’s otherwise well-stocked drinks cabinet, and would help its expansion in China.
19 Companies like Mango will not be able to plug every gap.
20 These layers of demand give a gross and efficient view of the capacity gap.
21 IEA says that its intervention (done with Saudi acquiescence, the agency hinted) is designed to plug the gap between now and when that oil might appear on the market.
22 However, unlike the semiconductor silicon, graphene has no gap between its valence and conduction bands.
23 If you have a gap in your resume, work on clever ways to describe it.
24 Who can fill the gap?
25 If not, can external data sources be acquired to fill the gap?
26 About 20 miles from the Cumberland Gap, Boone and his party rested at Martin's Station, a settlement near what is now Rose Hill, Virginia that had been founded by Joseph Martin in 1769.
27 If not, how to explain the statistical gap?
28 Whether Gadamer means that when he speaks of gap or whether he simply means an abyss or a distance to be crossed I couldn't say.
29 only does the country not pay a parental allowance, its gap with Germany is also wide in terms of day-care services and support for dual-income households.
30 around the basement with caulk and cans of spray foam and plug every gap you can find between framing and masonry and around pipes or wires that penetrate the rim joist or exterior walls.