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No. sentence
1 We can gain some time if we cut across this field.
2 Shanghai now is the place where people flock to for business, vacation and to gain an "experience".
3 Even on switched networks, you can gain some valuable information by running the packet-scanning tool on the host you want to investigate.
4 The Doha negotiations, which have stuttered repeatedly since their launch in 2001, appeared to gain some momentum this year when both India and the US signalled more enthusiasm for the talks.
5 The risk is as nothing compared to the gain.
6 Intruders may be after your systems for one of two reasons: to gain access to information that they should not have, or to alter the behavior of a system in some way.
7 Intruders might be after your systems for one of two reasons: to gain access to information that they should not have, or to alter the behavior of a system in some way.
8 Ability to gain market share, technologies, or a foothold in a new area of business or geographical market via merger with or acquisition of another company.
9 acquisition is often the quickest (and sometimes the only) way to gain a foothold in a country.
10 They gain Numbers and prominence, but they also have to contend with resistance and hostility from those who feel threatened.
11 might; but it would also constitute too great an intrusion on liberty for the gain in equity and efficiency it might (or might not) represent.
12 We hope the Iranian authorities realize the significance of this gesture. Iran has much to gain but time is essential," he said.
13 If Science or Philosophy may gain anything from it they are welcome, but that is not the reason of its being.
14 Great books are those that contain the best materials on which the human mind can work in order to gain insight, understanding, and wisdom.
15 You can help your children to gain the concept that soil is not just dirt but something necessary for life.
16 The S&P/Case-Shiller index, which tracks home prices in 20 cities, ticked up slightly in May, its first gain in 34 months.
17 After that, bone remodeling continues, but you lose slightly more than you gain.
18 The habit of attention becomes part of our life, if we be gain early enough.
19 Because we now burn food more slowly, we gain weight more easily when we begin to eat normally again, which is the exact opposite of our original intention.
20 huge competition among automakers to gain the attention of the public.
21 In the last weeks of gestation he'll gain about half a pound a week.
22 Industrialists strove to create a rationale for their power and to persuade the public that everyone had something to gain from it.
23 is not unlawful for a company to gain control of a market. It becomes unlawful if the company engages in conduct to exclude or harm competitors with no business justification.
24 Disabling the plutonium reactor is an achievement, and we do gain badly needed intelligence by simply being there on the ground to inspect.
25 As electrons accelerate in the electric field, they gain energy that they pass on to the atoms and molecules of the gas as they collide with them, creating a glowing plasma.
26 And clubs gain if their players do well on the international stage and go up in value.
27 Think how often we see lawyers constructing far-fetched theories on behalf of their clients or reporters misrepresenting themselves in order to gain access to good stories.
28 He bartered away his pride for material gain.
29 Since these end users do not necessarily understand data warehouse concepts, you should ask questions that allow you to gain an understanding of specific business problems.
30 To gain fluency, the junctions between the different surfaces are gummed: no joints, foot barriers, or links, which are elements into which the mind bumps.