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No. sentence
1 The rosier view of Liverpool’s future depends in part on the city’s uneasy relationship with the region’s biggest developer, Peel Holdings.
2 They are charting out the future of the organization.
3 In the future, robots will supersede human beings for very heavy work.
4 These producers may not want to bear the risk of what future spot prices will be, so they may contract in futures markets to sell their future outputs at market-determined prices.
5 you say comes to this: you shall never trust him in future.
6 This future is not fixed, but it is a destination that can be reached if we pursue a sustained dialogue like the one that you will commence today, and act on what we hear and what we learn.
7 Obviously, although correct at time of publishing, this addresses will be subject to change in the future.
8 His research interests include digital publishing and the future of the book.
9 How do I know we live in the future?
10 His foolish behaviour may put his whole future in jeopardy.
11 His foolish behaviour may jeopardize his whole future.
12 For date fields, you can also specify whether the date should be past or future as used above.
13 They represent who we are and where we came from and this past needs to be part of our future.
14 I will advise her of my future plan.
15 As I learned in church years ago, I have to fight for the future I want through the choices I make.
16 He responds: "it's important because we are its legates, and if we question nothing from that costly conflict, then we need question nothing in conflicts of the present and future."
17 Whether you will or will not be with the company in the future, I acknowledge your need to develop professionally as Agile practitioners and commit to invest in your education/training.
18 Everyone realizes now that free ad-supported content is not the exclusive model of the future; it's just one part of it.
19 As a rocket scientist, I do analysis of mission-design impacts of future technology advancements.
20 IBCS is part of the Army's modernization effort; it will integrate current and future air and missile defense systems into a common battle command system.
21 IBCS will integrate current and future air and missile defense systems to allow warfighters to use any sensor and any weapon to achieve mission objectives in a true open architecture environment.
22 need to choose how to adapt to the future highlights the choices-about town planning, or forestry, or coastal defences, or immigration-that have shaped the present.
23 In future, the cheat will either not deal with him or will do so more honestly.
24 For each requirement that contains multiple necessary states from now and into the future, a requirements analyst opens a change request record representing a review activity.
25 You feel more positive about them, you trust them more, and you have a better sense of their strengths and weaknesses, so you're better able to work and collaborate with them in the future.
26 However, blind faith has its limitations. Because if we just focus on how we want the future to be, we may be blind to opportunities along the way.
27 My view is that as scientists, we can provide useful information, but we need to be clear about its limitations and strive to improve information for the future.
28 If you want a future with your significant other, inhabit the present (breathe).
29 MAY last year, when the Americans first offered to join direct talks with Iran over the future of its nuclear programme, French diplomats were jubilant.
30 It seems that light energy will be an important subject of scientific research in the future.