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1 The real Holy Grail for an interstellar mission will be breakthroughs in our ability to harness thermonuclear energy — namely fusion.
2 Once fusion is better understood, and is being harnessed routinely, it's a small leap to apply that technology for propulsion purposes.
3 We've known about fusion since 1920, when Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington and the British Association for the Advancement of Science conjectured that that's why the sun shines.
4 But if scientists happen upon pure fusion, who knows what they might do with it?
5 Another method of communication could be through the use of incredibly powerful pulsed lasers, such as those now being developed for nuclear fusion reactors.
6 Since the 80's, TQM and, quantification method fusion and quality cost, Total Quality Control, reliability project and zero flaw, have formed the more systematic TQM system.
7 order of epiphysis-diaphysis fusion of hand-wrist and and those of knee long bones in Lhasa Tibetan adolescents from early to late is femur, tibia, fibula and radius.
8 Not fission, whereby uranium and plutonium breaks up in pieces, but fusion.
9 On a biochemical level, a Carbohydrate is a simple fusion of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules.
10 Community is an investment in the cultivation and fusion of affinity, interaction, advocacy and loyalty.
11 The chef is Malagasy, though the dishes are modern French fusion, and we feasted on foie gras ravioli, zebu steaks in wine sauce (zebu is the local beef), ham, lamb and calamari.
12 In all 3 patients, posterior fusion was met with no complications and their curves were stable at follow-up.
13 BACKGROUND: We are aware of no reports on the surgical results of posterior lumbar interbody fusion in elderly patients.
14 Background Data. Posterior spinal fusion for scoliosis is used widely in DMD, although the long-term pulmonary effects have not been well established.
15 Objective. Determine the impact of infection on clinical outcome in patients undergoing posterior spinal fusion surgery.
16 Objective. To compare the infection rate after posterior spinal fusion with unit rod instrumentation with or without gentamicin-impregnated allograft bone in children with cerebral palsy (CP).
17 The patient underwent staged revision with posterior fusion utilizing allograft and segmental instrumentation from L4 to S1.
18 This study was aimed to explore the relationship of 6; 9 chromosome translocation with DEK-CAN fusion gene expression in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and its clinical significance.
19 Methods Analysis the complications of 92 cases of cervical spondylotic myelopathy treated by anterior cervical decompression and three different intervertebral fusion methods.
20 Perhaps no where is the fusion of landscape and history more powerfully evoked than in this painting, first shown in 1812, and called Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps.
21 At such temperatures atoms are stripped down to their electrically charged components, so the helium created by fusion remains within the magnetic bottle.
22 Technological progress will be essential but, barring a breakthrough in nuclear fusion, it will not set us on a path to an energy system purged of fossil fuels.
23 But accelerators could potentially produce nuclear fusion, which fuses atomic nuclei together.
24 In the approach Nif takes, called inertial confinement fusion, the target is a centimetre-scale cylinder of gold called a hohlraum.
25 High power double -clad fiber amplifiers have widespread applications in fiber sensing, fiber optical communication system, spectral measurement, inertial confinement fusion, and so on.
26 The way in which they accomplished this feat was by a fusion of republican ideology and Victorian ideas about manliness.
27 Global climate change, space matter that can't be seen, and alternative energy - everything from improved gasoline combustion to fusion - are some of the subjects Jaguar will be used to research.
28 Instead of fusion taking place in the stellar core, it fizzles towards the surface.
29 That's fortunate for all life on Earth — because that's what allows stars to shine for billions of years — but it does make it a very difficult fusion fuel to utilize.
30 fusion is what powers all Main Sequence stars in the universe, and efforts to exploit this energy have been ongoing for decades.