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further insights in a sentence

1. Future molecular studies should provide further insights into their evolutionary relationships.

2. Fragments of some other plays have survived in quotations and more continue to be discovered on Egyptian papyrus, often giving further insights into his work.

3. Further insights concerning these commitments are given in the Hadith.

4. Consideration of the results from these empirical studies led to his further insights into evolution, natural selection, and regression to the mean.

5. Scientific studies of binary systems such as HDE 226868/Cygnus X-1 may lead to further insights into the mechanics of active galaxies.

6. Later in his interview with Couric, Mellencamp delivered further insights into Sad Clowns &

7. A voiceover by Edward is also implemented at times, sharing further insights.

8. See History of CP/CMS (historical notes) for further insights and references on this topic.

9. A forthcoming written discussion from Truth Magazine will provide further insights into the perspectives of Burleson and Pope on these issues.

10. The diaries and writings of those who knew, worked with or came into contact with David Livingstone provide further insights into the collection;

11. These trips greatly informed her practice, provided further insights into Aboriginal culture, and inspired her to be a cultural leader.

12. The flaps of the jacket for this book provides a portrait of the author and further insights about his life and work for Unity.

13. He provided further insights in his seminal book, Toward a Cognitive Semantics Vol.

14. A basic set of reasons are the classic MICE motivations, with further insights in attitudes predisposing to cooperation.

15. Model organisms such as mice and Drosophila have been used to generate further insights.

16. Such an approach corresponds to the maximum level of intuition, promotes further insights, and eventually leads to the formulation of new physical concepts.

17. It includes sources not yet cited, and sources whose content may yet provide further insights into the subject.

18. Primary documents, including wills, deeds, letters, and photographs, provide further insights into life and work in historic Simpsonville.

19. "Further insights into the phylogeny of two ciliate classes Nassophorea and Prostomatea (Protista, Ciliophora)".

20. Starting in the 1980s researchers began to gain further insights into Notch function through genetic and molecular experiments.

21. Like in the previous novel, the fictional history book War's Final Fury by Professor Jared Gruenwald provides further insights into the events of the novel.

22. Furthermore, he realised that a study of books about WW1 experiences would provide further insights.

23. More systematic excavations will provide further insights into the settlement.

24. Further insights into mechanisms behind epigenetics have come from in vitro biochemical and structural analyses.

25. Further insights came from Dawson's personal experience with her own son who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.

26. Comparing the two genomes will allow further insights into the human pathogen, since E. invadens can readily encyst in vitro.

27. However poor datability of folklore stories led to all such sites being lumped under "pre-historic religion" with not further insights.

28. Further discoveries on its skeletal anatomy also offer further insights on the palaeobiology of Mesozoic mammals.

29. In December 2015, he provided further insights about his motivations regarding his engagement in the children of the Bosnian War to the magazine Guernica.

30. Though a lot about this transition remains unknown, Smith emphasizes that new comparative methods of study will hopefully reveal further insights.