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No. sentence
1 He declined to comment further on the date of any decision.
2 If your shoulders and upper back are collapsing into your neck, you need further practice to build your foundation.
3 Regard each failure as a stimulus to further efforts.
4 From then on there was no further contact. The tracking system appeared either to have been switched off or to have stopped working from that day.
5 Increased costs will militate against further enlargement of the buildings.
6 SP: We hope to see a broader OASIS membership joining the SCA effort to validate and drive further the development and adoption of SCA technology.
7 To clarify this point further, if you make manual changes to the virtual system after deployment, those changes will not carry over to the clone because they are not encapsulated in your pattern.
8 In case it stops you can force-complete the activity, but this would require further manual intervention later.
9 His breastplate further emphasizes the Greco-Roman union, displaying the Greek goddess Athena standing upon a she-wolf that was a symbol of Rome.
10 bank agreed further credits to the company because the company can disburse.
11 By the time a suitable release candidate has emerged, testers have already become the bottleneck and, to all appearances, responsible for any further delay.
12 To explore that idea further, Dr Bourrat joined forces with Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland.
13 So, depending on the applications, deployment, and size of the hardware (CPUs, memory, and so on), this may or may not be something to consider further.
14 As your life gets further out of balance, you feel worse, causing you to exacerbate the problem by worrying and complaining more.
15 Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate prefectures further north bore the brunt of the damage from the shock and the ensuing tsunami.
16 The question now, given that there is bound to be further consolidation of equity trading in eastern Europe, is where that liquidity will go.
17 studying the status and characteristics of private economy in Yuxi City, finding out the existing problems , can we further promote its development.
18 Further analysis of this one kind of retinal cell revealed that it fired only when an object approached.
19 youthful 'Busby Babes' team also reached the FA Cup final and European Cup semi-final and further glories beckoned, but fate was to intervene in tragic fashion.
20 The ambitious young man used his friends to further his career.
21 During this interval silt and clay began to wash into rivers and lakes from denuded hillsides at increasing rates further attesting to ongoing forest clearance.
22 When you interrogate it further you find a certain practice was never done anywhere but it's being used to justify something now.
23 It is further divided into four regions, or lobes, in each hemisphere.
24 China will further expand the scope of its opened-up areas.
25 Further up, I ran into a man dressed like an aristocrat.
26 The accident determined her against further delay.
27 Its IM service has an array of interesting data that can be used to further build its online community.
28 They have gone further than they have ever gone in joining us on real sanctions against North Korea.
29 When they pressed her further with questions, she threw her golden necklace down to them, thinking that this would satisfy them.
30 But certainly we could go much further toward private ownership than we have until now, turning rivers, for example, into private property, as is done in Scotland.