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1 IN 2004 representatives of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS) bought 1,700 acres (690 hectares) of scrubland north of Eldorado, a speck in west Texas.
2 There had been a tremendous revival of fundamentalist religion, mainly Methodism, in England, and this evangelical enthusiasm spread itself into the interests of the empire.
3 The perpetrators are widely assumed to be Salafists, adherents of a fundamentalist group influenced by Saudi Arabia that has made strong inroads, particularly among Egypt's poorest classes.
4 isi itself is widely believed to be responsible for everything from the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in late 2007 to the rise of fundamentalist chat shows on cable television.
5 Jeffs is ecclesiastical head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, an offshoot of mainstream Mormonism that believes polygamy brings exaltation in heaven.
6 Others say the army encouraged them, because it likes to remind the Americans of the seriousness of the fundamentalist threat.
7 She's a fundamentalist Christian. She advocated teaching creationism alongside evolution in Alaska's schools.
8 However, there is also a strong Christian revival, especially among the fundamentalist and Pentecostal sects.
9 The fear of its lurching into fundamentalist hands is in turn part of what restrains America and India.
10 the scalpel, you go after the fundamentalist murderers responsible with patient policing and intelligence work, and steadily drain them of their support.
11 This fundamentalist school-catchphrase: "Brains are no substitute for God" -forbade inter-racial dating among its students until 2000.
12 Do it. Divorce the guy, cuss in front of your fundamentalist sister, put off lunching with the passive-aggressive "friend" until the end of time.
13 And felt dissatisfied, too, with the then narrow and reductionistic analytic belief system - at times analytic doctrine felt to me uncomfortably similar to a religious fundamentalist venue.
14 Harry Potter books have been the subject of much religious debate after fundamentalist Christians warned parents against the books, deeming them pro-witchcraft and consequently anti-Christian.
15 One was Jay Bakker, son of Jim and Tammy Bakker of the defunct-Praise-the-Lord-TV-network fame, who gave meandering talks on growing up fundamentalist.
16 A court in Jakarta rules on the case of Abu Bakar Bashir, a fundamentalist cleric.
17 move has since come under attack as the sort of "market fundamentalist" project that caused the bubble.
18 We have no more information than... what has been found on [his] own websites, which is that it goes towards the right and that it is, so to speak, Christian fundamentalist.
19 In a head-to-head contest between a moral relativist and a fundamentalist, who wins?
20 Besides, I had a hard time believing that Michael's "true self" was a fundamentalist Christian who writes derogatorily about being gay.
21 He was initially drawn to a liberal interpretation of the Bible and argued against a fundamentalist approach to Christianity.
22 For example, I grew up in a very, very sectarian fundamentalist church in Texas.
23 It makes him look like a radical fundamentalist.
24 No wonder so many fundamentalist Christians find their faith shaken to the core.
25 Mr Jeffs is the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS).
26 He became a follower of Jansenism, a fundamentalist version of the Christianity of his day.
27 You're certainly not a die-hard fundamentalist, but you figure that if you drink the wine and chew the wafer now and then, it's good enough to get you a free ride into a half-decent afterlife.
28 You can’t be fundamentalist about anything,” she says while discussing the government’s wish that equipment used to extract oil from new offshore fields should be made in Brazil.
29 Today, I feel like a kid in a fundamentalist Christian camp who's never even read the Bible," he told me.
30 ZetaTalk Explanation 10/15/1996: If the message was heard by a Christian fundamentalist while reading the Bible, then those to be saved during Armageddon were Christians.