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No. sentence
1 He took a dictionary from the desk.
2 She took one of the parcels from her father to lighten his load.
3 He took down a dictionary from the top shelf.
4 He hefted his right arm and took away a gun from the bookshelf.
5 Those men took you away from me . . . and they hurt you.
6 Some urgent business took me away from Shanghai.
7 Romans took over from the Greeks not only their philosophy but their arts.
8 We drew out the secret from him.
9 The boy grinned from ear to ear when his mother gave him the apple.
10 As he walked past the tree, an apple dropped from it.
11 What have you learned from the design of Apple products?
12 He attempted to lure her away from husband and family.
13 Steam and hot water erupt from geysers.
14 The opposition plucked the Chancellor down from his high position.
15 On one point I differ from you.
16 she glanced down and saw a twisted length of white rope protruding from his pocket, about to fall out.
17 That chick pecks out an earthworm from the earth.
18 We leased an apartment from the school.
19 We railed off our paddyfield from the railroad.
20 He rived a branch away from the tree.
21 A ragged man emerged from behind the tree.
22 They used the closely nibbled smooth green spaces as their pitch , the wooden barred gate of the sheep pen as their wicket and the crooks made from willow branches as their bats.
23 Dany squinted at them suspiciously, then plucked one from a branch and nibbled at it.
24 She enticed me away from working.
25 He enticed her away from her husband.
26 The zebra galloped away from the lion.
27 The couple tore themselves away from London.
28 Your son has stayed away from me for a week.
29 The leader drew away from the pack.
30 Yokohama, a Japanese tyremaker, is promoting a tyre made with oil from orange peel, a waste product from the production of orange juice.