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No. sentence
1 They had soon formed a firm friendship.
2 Mr Brown contracted friendship with his neighbour.
3 Friendship grew between them.
4 Their friendship may verge on the servile, but it is never disinterested.
5 Stacey Snider said:"Jen's special enough to be somewhat unattainable but real enough that you can imagine a friendship, which is why you pursue her."
6 But theres one thing that wont be his harvest, that is our friendship.
7 It was the beginning of a warm and intimate friendship.
8 Saunders: When did you then strike up this friendship that Leonard Cohen describes in song?
9 From that morning, they developed a quasi friendship founded on loneliness and a Shared reluctance for interaction with other people.
10 Just like a friendship that grows and evolves, keeping in touch with our bodies takes time.
11 Ali Baba's son was, from his vicinity, one of the first to converse with Cogia Houssain, who strove to cultivate his friendship more particularly.
12 memory of our friendship will be enshrined in my heart.
13 Their appearance at the reception declared their friendship to us.
14 Happiness is when you are with people who love you for who you are, this is the true meaning of love and friendship.
15 If, though, this trait is too annoying, end the friendship.
16 role of friendship in their health and well-being is evident in almost every chapter.
17 Sometimes the most treasured ACTS of friendship are those for which you expect to get nothing in return, not even credit for a good deed.
18 You appear to me, Mr. Darcy, to allow nothing for the influence of friendship and affection.
19 Friendship among the classmates is the most cherished, because there is no utilitarian purpose.
20 Friendship is a plant of slow growth, it only grafting in the familiar with each other, respect each other's branches will flourish.
21 Friends are the buds of friendship.
22 The beginning of a beautiful friendship indeed. And who could blame them?
23 I've enjoyed seeing him and Rebecca dance around their barely blossoming friendship, although any romantic relationship could only lead to disaster.
24 Okay, Simon's path may be longer. I've enjoyed seeing him and Rebecca dance around their barely blossoming friendship, although any romantic relationship could only lead to disaster.
25 seed of friendship and cooperation we sow today will burgeon and harvest in the future and China-US partnership of cooperation will definitely enjoy a better tomorrow.
26 We must work jointly to sow the seeds of China-Japan friendship and make our friendship last from generation to generation.
27 Only a solitary cracked-voiced reed-sparrow greeted her from the bushes by the river, in a sad, machine-made tone, resembling that of a past friend whose friendship she had outworn.
28 purpose of passing the Olympictorch by way of relay was to spread the Olympic spirit and make theseeds of peace and friendship root, grow, bloom and bear fruits inmore countries.
29 ocassional greetings and concerns let you sense the preciousness of friendship when you are overwhelmed by gloomy emotions.
30 Honest friendship is health, whose preciousness will not felt until lost.