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No. sentence
1 We must maintain friendly relations with them.
2 Still, the choice of Dubai, a commercial hub with friendly ties to the West, as a venue for the assassination has discomfited some Israelis in intelligence circles.
3 However, he appeared very friendly, and after a little talk he held out his hand to her, and said, "Wilt thou go with me to my castle and be my dear wife?"
4 The friendly relations between our two countries have been speeded to a new stage.
5 He is a friendly enough person, so long as you don't cross him in his business plans.
6 She had always seemed friendly until suddenly she began to show her teeth.
7 Its moose had died of old age, days before. But a big, friendly, black bear rolled in the sun.
8 So the competition is friendly?
9 The swoop is designed to foil a friendly tie-up between NYSE and Frankfurt-based Deutsche borse, announced in February.
10 But I can point out that China maintains normal and friendly relations with Somalia.
11 The dialogue remained light and friendly.
12 I stroked its sleek down and instead of being afraid, it would give my fingers two friendly pecks.
13 company envisages an environmentally friendly home where the waste from one household is the fuel for another.
14 He jumped to his feet and when he brought grass for the horse it made friendly noises and playfully pushed him.
15 We have always pursued a friendly policy towards the Japanese people.
16 We have renewed our friendly relationship with Western countries.
17 Instead of a friendly orange blob, it resembles something that has escaped from a medieval torture chamber.
18 bright ruby red color, with a typical complex aroma's of cherries, strawberries, plums and a friendly taste.
19 So let me offer a friendly bit of advice to this likable ogre: If you feel you’re losing ’em, pal, just shuck the clothes.
20 The government's refusal was couched in friendly language.
21 me, this is the best evidence that health truly matters as an instrument of foreign policy, that health is, indeed, a fruitful and friendly arena for diplomacy.
22 South Africa values the friendly ties with China and regards as a strategic partner of safeguarding peace and promoting development.
23 YOUNG economists are a disarmingly friendly lot, ever ready to smile at strangers.
24 Most of my customers are friendly, though not to the point of awkwardness.
25 Timidly, I gave her a friendly hug goodnight; she reciprocated with a kiss that sizzled my socks.
26 Today I came to my aunt, my aunt and her sister very friendly to me, my little brother very lovely is very naughty.
27 He said that China is a friendly neighbor of East Timor. The East Timor government and people have always treasured and appreciated the assistance accorded by China.
28 Also, not all germs are harmful; we need friendly bacteria that live on our skin to help fight off bad bugs, and bacteria in our mouth and gut help digest our food and prevent illness and disease.
29 The Chinese people have always cherished friendly sentiments towards the German people.
30 Can I remain friendly to those who thus maimed me and would fain have taken my life also?