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No. sentence
1 She bartered away her freedom for wealth.
2 She feels boxed in at the fatiguing work and wishes greater freedom to develop her ideas.
3 won't find such freedom anywhere than in our country.
4 Only if they have learned to value the freedom free software gives them, to value freedom in and of itself rather than the technical and practical convenience of specific free software.
5 In these tense times at home, it was Lincoln's language not of equality but of freedom that U.S. opinion-makers emphasized.
6 Great reformers from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King have urged America to live up to its ideal of "freedom".
7 Perhaps we really should be reflecting on another sacred liberty: the freedom of the press.
8 Some customers do not have the above freedom of choice.
9 But the ferment in the Arab world echoes the struggle for freedom of oppressed peoples under communism, demonstrating that striving for freedom is not simply a Eurasian but a universal aspiration.
10 man, by this time must have been thinking he had come to a madman; what has this to do with freedom, independence?
11 A little freedom is all I ask.
12 You'll miss your freedom," honked the goose. "An hour of freedom is worth a barrel of slops."
13 Every day, we have the option to live with passion, be open to possibility, and reach for the stars. We have the freedom to boldly live, laugh, and love.
14 They deal daily with agonising ethical problems, such as whether to keep their husband/wife/mother/father safe, or to allow them freedom – can Dad still go fishing?
15 white symbolizes hope and freedom, showing a value for safety and purity.
16 They’re not crazy, they just want the freedom to elect their own leaders,” I told him.
17 freedom" to buy a house would become a chain round their necks.
18 When he heard them for the first time he was as surprised as he was pleased, and with his approbation my road to freedom was widened.
19 she was awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize in Literature, one of Spain's most important distinctions, for her brilliant literary works in defense of freedom and Third World causes.
20 Now this oasis of freedom for women, surrounded by the misogynist desert of the capital city, is undergoing a rebirth.
21 I have the freedom to write on anything I choose, subject only to some gentle editorial guidance and also of course to the laws of libel.
22 But the seriousness of the potential loss, and the nature of the information, were outlined in an internal MoD memo, which was obtained under Freedom of information legislation.
23 The former slave known for leading more than 300 people-including her elderly parents-to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad was also a Union spy.
24 Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!
25 Lett freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!
26 It is joyful freedom. There is no television here, no this, no that. But we are perfectly happy.
27 may have been damaged with some of the elite but people still understand that America stands for freedom," he said.
28 We're a country where all people have the freedom to realize their potential and chase their dreams.
29 Then, against the urging of those around her, she limped back into the crowd moving west toward Freedom Square.
30 If your financial position is good you will attract the Lion however, this partner will want he freedom to roam.