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No. sentence
1 You get an extra bit for free.
2 his hand, twisted free of the chain, and here he was running and crawling, until he was through a doorway.
3 You need to install Samsung's free Remote Viewfinder app on one of its Galaxy S Android phones, then turn on Wi-Fi "tethering, " adding $15 to $30 a month to your wireless bill.
4 Everyone realizes now that free ad-supported content is not the exclusive model of the future; it's just one part of it.
5 He quickly realizes he's tied up and struggles to get free.
6 This policy, Nasa hopes, will free resources to invest in a new capsule and rocket capable of sending humans beyond the space station to destinations such as the Moon, asteroids and Mars.
7 But why should I take all the risk and work for free?" you ask.
8 Penang was founded as a free port by the British in 1786. Occupying a position between India and East Asia, the island drew merchants and middlemen keen to make their fortunes.
9 The store arranged to give a free silk kimono to every female customer of a local BMW dealership who brought in a letter sent by the dealership offering the gown as a gift for their past patronage.
10 Once I explained that it was not free, "but for less than you spend on coffee or cigarettes."..
11 Army is providing several resources to help its employees and customers through the transition including in-house training sessions, quick-tip handouts and free online training.
12 Give a free hug. OK, only do this when appropriate... but if you have a loved one in your life, give them a hug!
13 It is a very good, free newsreader that will be of interest to all Usenet newbies.
14 Free technical support is often available in the form of mailing list or newsgroup discussions; nevertheless some background research, knowledge or experience is often required.
15 Only if they have learned to value the freedom free software gives them, to value freedom in and of itself rather than the technical and practical convenience of specific free software.
16 In some cases, particularly with the free editions, there are restrictions on the breadth and depth of features and functionality available for you to use.
17 Figure 1 shows a system that has a cramped /usr partition (/dev/sdb5) and plenty of free space in /home (/dev/sdb7), which can cause problems if you want to add more software to the computer.
18 Yunnan, was sentenced to jail for 9 years in 2001 for robbery, intentional injury and vandalism, and was set free earlier for good conduct in 2006.
19 We wonder how many other real business ideas like this will spring from the chaotic world of free user generated content.
20 The subjects were asked to use their free right hand point with a baton to the location of each knuckle and fingertip of their left hand.
21 His actions and his memory enabled America to move beyond a young collection of States to become a free and unified Nation, striving for the promises and principles for which so many fought and died.
22 Were Hamas also to free a captured Israeli corporal, Gilad Shalit, held in Gaza for three years, the mood would lighten all round.
23 like many businesses, offers free goods and services bundled together with the products it sells.
24 only way to do that, given the limits of British educational statistics, is to separate out the exam results of children who get free school meals: only the poor get free grub.
25 Speaking about her role on the committee Michelle Obama said: "The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it.
26 If you go on living, you do so only through your capacity for objectification, your ability to free yourself, in writing, from the infinite strain.
27 So the copy of your sequence will be free, but the interpretation of what it means, what you can do about it, and how to use it -- the manual for your genes so to speak -- will be expensive.
28 A number of passengers tried to help free the screaming woman from the van wreck while Enzo cradled the old man's head in his lap, holding the green muffler against his scalp to stop the bleeding.
29 I missed out on his offer of a free holiday in Spain.
30 He often pamphleteers and lectures in favour of free trade.