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frameworks in a sentence

1. Cognitive frameworks include:

2. ethical frameworks;

3. The current version is KDE Frameworks#KXMLGUI.

4. There are various types of frameworks.

5. Testing frameworks may also use other types.

6. There are many integrative frameworks.

7. macOS frameworks are also stored as bundles;

8. in Logic, on frameworks for arbitrary logics;

9. they refer to distinct frameworks.

10. These frameworks are: (a) materialist;

11. There are natural and social frameworks.

12. Usually cultural frameworks are mixed;

13. A list of web service frameworks:

14. List of free open-source frameworks:

15. Platforms: Frameworks:

16. Frameworks include:

17. Notable tools and frameworks include:

18. Here are frameworks to build OCCI APIs.

19. SSO, Maliit, oFono software frameworks.

20. Such frameworks are pre-empirical;

21. legal and policy frameworks;

22. No frameworks were used on the server side.

23. It is contrasted with full-stack frameworks.

24. Supported Client Frameworks

25. Proprietary machine learning frameworks.

26. Open source machine learning frameworks.

27. security architectures and frameworks;

28. Some frameworks do not work in this manner.

29. Frameworks like this are mapping frameworks.

30. You still have two more frameworks to go.