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No. sentence
1 third match point came and went but on the fourth Venus netted with a backhand and Serena celebrated her triumph.
2 The first man said, was the second personal hearing, and he said, now the third and the fourth individual personal against a two side, and only one side, then follow the two together.
3 The fourth day, we boated in the park.
4 its latest financial results, Apple bucked the effects of the downturn, with a 47 per cent rise in profits in the fourth quarter, pushing the value of its shares to an all-time high.
5 the fourth week I was allowed to solo up the corridor. As I passed his room, there was my faithful friend in the doorway.
6 These two birds are now back in the wild and raising their fourth chick.
7 The Spurs were so finished, Coach Gregg Popovich benched both Manu Ginobili and Duncan for the entire fourth quarter.
8 The fourth layer shows how those services flow from one to another according to a set of business processes.
9 But the Amsterdam accident is also the fourth major crash-landing in 13 months in which all or most of the passengers escaped relatively unharmed.
10 Reserve growth stopped in the fourth quarter.
11 In the stretch, Speckled Band broke stride, galloped home madly, was summarily disqualified and placed fourth.
12 I have finished one fourth of my work now.
13 Nagoya, Yokohama and Kobe came in third, fourth and fifth, respectively.
14 The first column shows time, the second is accumulated memory use, the third is incremental memory use, and the fourth shows function calls, including the parameters.
15 Three of the Death Eaters swerved and avoided it, but the fourth was not so lucky: he vanished from view and then dropped like a boulder from behind it, his broomstick broken into pieces.
16 When, say, the Ravens score a touchdown in the last few seconds of the fourth quarter, clinching the win, my hopes are crushed along with the rest of the Steeler Nation's.
17 On the first play of the fourth quarter, with Arkansas leading 14-0, the Texas quarterback, James Street, made an amazing forty-two-yard touchdown run on a busted play.
18 University of Oxford climbed to fourth from sixth last year, beating the University of Cambridge at sixth.
19 Chile, where mining licences are awarded by the courts based on clear criteria, ranked fourth.
20 yet, on the fourth or fifth reading in the 24 years since UK publication, the Periodic Table still seems to me to be the nearest match to the ideal science book.
21 I have instructed them not to give you a fourth and fifth lecture.
22 Between the end of work on the fourth assessment report and the beginning of work on the fifth all but one of the working group co-chairs did in fact change over.
23 they had the ratio of two to one, which gave them the octave, and three to two, which gave them the fifth, and four to three, which gave them the fourth.
24 Fourth, we must seek to maintain and enhance flexibility in pursuing the results we seek.
25 She cites a Johns Hopkins University study that found that women in Jordan sometimes start to use contraceptives only after the birth of their fourth girl or second boy.
26 You should see the second tab reactivate (with any previously entered values in the form fields intact) while the third and fourth tabs become disabled.
27 The Fourth Armoured Division was based at Fort Benning.
28 The fourth line starts with the number of times we have exceeded locks, user threads or buffers (all 0 and should generally be so).
29 Bushes then returned to Washington and placed a wreath at the Pentagon site where a fourth hijacked plane killed 184 people upon crashing.
30 the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Beracah, where they praised the Lord .