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No. sentence
1 I founded The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education as a tribute to my grandfather, who continued to guide me with his learned wisdom.
2 Another newcomer is oil trader Lim Oon Kuin, who founded Hin Leong at the age of 20.
3 McCurry Restaurant was founded in 1999 and was formerly known as Restaurant Penang Curry House.
4 Penang was founded as a free port by the British in 1786. Occupying a position between India and East Asia, the island drew merchants and middlemen keen to make their fortunes.
5 The castle is founded on solid rock.
6 And so together they prayed, and together they fought, and together, by the grace of God, they founded this great nation.
7 He eventually founded his own advertising firm as well as a journal for contemporary arts, and he opened a gallery in Shanghai.
8 Brand was founded in the early morning, JUSTLIKE to establish a "relaxation" of the brand spirit and philosophy, and as the brand's long-term planning and long-term strategy persevered.
9 The arguments are founded on facts and compel conviction.
10 Her order was founded, in 1843, to promote the conversion of Jews to Christianity.
11 To misquote "the Great Gatsby", the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing.
12 Eight years ago, brothers Nicholay and Ivan Pomogalov founded a donkey farm for tourists riding along mountain paths.
13 All we know is founded on its rhythms: Water will flow from the snowcapped mountains, rain and sun will arrive in their proper seasons.
14 When it was founded in 1926, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works (as it was then known) manufactured automatic fabric looms that could detect problems and shut down automatically.
15 His heroes were Lewis and Clark, the intrepid explorers of the new American continent, and the field-trip grants he founded in later life were named after them.
16 From that morning, they developed a quasi friendship founded on loneliness and a Shared reluctance for interaction with other people.
17 Thomas Twining (1675-1741) founded the House of Twining by purchasing the original Toms Coffee House at the back of this site in 1706, where he introduced tea.
18 Founded using government seed money 14 years ago in a part of downtown where few dared to venture, let alone start a business, it is now thriving.
19 About 20 miles from the Cumberland Gap, Boone and his party rested at Martin's Station, a settlement near what is now Rose Hill, Virginia that had been founded by Joseph Martin in 1769.
20 He founded Apple with his childhood friend Steve Wozniak, and the two marketed what was considered the world's first personal computer, the Apple II.
21 The college was founded in 1920.
22 She conceived and founded the Rita Project, a movement to stop suicide and to celebrate life by using the arts to help survivors of suicide connect with the power of creation.
23 This is a wish founded on the desirable simplicity of being charitable; one of her best characteristics.
24 more, we are the first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea — the idea that each of us deserves the chance to shape our own destiny.
25 Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, writer and activist who founded the Unified Buddhist Church in France, and Plum Village, a Buddhist community in exile.
26 That's the family that founded it, and every one of those still practises as a surgeon as well as running the business.
27 In 1968, General Motors, which was founded in Flint, employed 80, 000 employees there.
28 In all that we do, we must remember that what sets America apart is not solely our power — it is the principles upon which our union was founded.
29 little attention, however, will convince us that even in these cases our approbation is ultimately founded upon a sympathy or correspondence of this kind.
30 he founded the Free University in Tbilisi, which teaches law, business and languages.