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1 Mass violence threatened to unsettle the very foundations of government.
2 One useful change would be for regulators to make it clear to trustees of foundations and pension funds that “social-impact investments” are a legitimate asset class, says Sir Ronald.
3 But the architects of Bretton Woods in 1944 laid the foundations for the future even as they still fought the armies of the past.
4 The first of these backbones will be the Fieldbus Foundation's High Speed Ethernet (HSE) implementation.
5 A basic design issue is whether to absorb the horizontal thrusts involved directly through the foundations or by using a supplementary horizontal compression strut.
6 their job to make sure Paris doesn't collapse into the quarries that riddle its foundations.
7 As things stand, however, some kind of retrenchment seems possible, particularly since the foundations may be reluctant to allow the bank to raise more outside capital to expand its activities abroad.
8 The foundations of the building have subsided.
9 Though the government says it is laying the foundations for reform over three to five years, in reality it is only a stopgap administration, in office until elections planned for later this year.
10 AROUND four centuries ago, British capital started flowing into India, creating the East India Company, and laying the foundations of the empire.
11 Nanjing scholars such as Wang Xizhi and Gu Kaizhi were laying the foundations for the unique style of Chinese paintings and calligraphy.
12 If we are serious about rescuing potential new drugs from the valley of death, then academia, the NIH, and disease foundations will have to change how they operate.
13 O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.
14 Mr Buffett told the rich that, instead of giving their wealth to "a bunch of old cronies", they should shop around for the best foundations.
15 They don't know how to bestow the money to their liking, so they make foundations that do good things so the root of it.
16 Those phases not only highlighted the subjugation of women, they set out to dismantle the foundations of their cages.
17 Now, China hasn't the foundations of the concept and supports of the system to replant Plea-bargaining.
18 What about the impact that corporate foundations can have by supporting social enterprises?
19 Above them the rocks give way to brick, darker in colour than the stone foundations and topped with ramparts, unbroken and lowering.
20 city, ancient houses were all built with beautiful stones of different sizes and shapes. Houses and foundations were solid and stong.
21 The house and all within it trembled; the foundations of the earth seemed to be shaken, as if this awful sound were the peal of the last trump.
22 His education not only gave him the foundations for his business but to also become a prolific author.
23 While dynamic crosscutting — in which the runtime behavior of objects can be altered — is considered one of the foundations of AOP, static crosscutting is a far less known technique.
24 initial endowment of the Carnegie Corporation, at $125m ($3 billion in today’s money), exceeded the total value of all American foundations at the time.
25 So the pkyers should ky firm foundations during the juvenile training.
26 You have regulations but private foundations have restrictions placed on them; they can't publicly fund-raise, for example.
27 The danger is that the leaders of China and America will over the next decade lay the foundations for a deep antagonism.
28 He urges establishing more microfinance foundations, especially in the US, where there is money but less interest.
29 Confucius and his teachings became the foundations of how Chinese society should be governed.
30 Another intrinsic part of the foundations must be better governance of Banks.