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No. sentence
1 He found someone on him.
2 He ran his eyes down the page and found his name at last.
3 He found himself perpending it as an experiment in realism.
4 I found the sandwich he was talking about and a piece of cheese that he had nibbled at beside it.
5 in apple peel but is also found in cranberries and prunes and in basil, oregano and thyme.
6 I had no idea what would happen to them or where the film would go, but I knew that I had found an amazing family; a modern-day version of the Joads from the Grapes of Wrath.
7 Flavonoids are also found in cocoa, tomatoes and grapes.
8 Cool climatic conditions like those typically found in New Zealand generate much higher levels of these chemicals at comparable stages of berry ripening than do warmer climes.
9 He soon found a huge bear, shot at it but only wounded it.
10 Squash Blossoms: the orange, yellow blossom found at the top of the squash can be cooked or eaten raw.
11 A short way off stood the dining hall,where I found a tree hearing snore-white blossoms so graceful and soft to the touch,Viewed together from the distance, they were as beautiful as a bridal veil.
12 Is there any use in paring down thinking? I've found myself doing this over time, in many areas.
13 But its regulations were recently found wanting by the Delhi High Court, which then banned bags in markets and shops, as well as hotels, hospitals and malls.
14 One evening, I found the last one, half eaten by the mother. It stank already.
15 The first command, /usr/local/bin/search --config /usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf ENG, found the two occurrences of ENG in part numbers.
16 Before the bubble fully burst, Peck found another job as the marketing manager at a small software-development company called SDSol Technologies.
17 Even though I have been a TT user for years, I found new information on almost every page, either in a function or in an example given.
18 Mr. Tan said if a scene like the one in the painting could be found in Henan, he would create music for the show.
19 But I'm not Chris, I'm that girl Susan, using my memory, and his diary I found after one year since he left, writing down these last words.
20 We found issues on both the client - and server-side that might not have otherwise been discovered as quickly without this kind of interoperability testing.
21 On Thursday, at a campaign rally in suburban Michigan, he referred to Al Gore and me as bozos, a comparison to the clown Bozo, who probably found the reference more unflattering than we did.
22 The team found that up until about 1800, sea levels actually fell owing to volcanic eruptions that periodically injected ash into the atmosphere, veiling the Sun and cooling the Earth.
23 One month after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India and Pakistan are turning to brinksmanship because they have not yet found a way to talk constructively.
24 But the holders of these securities found that their value declined sharply.
25 When I spent a month in Iran earlier this year, I found people ambivalent about voting in the June election, but also determined that somehow Ahmadinejad's reign must end.
26 These Paleo-Indians, of the Clovis culture, used the significant amounts of obsidian found in the park to make such cutting tools and weapons.
27 pirate fishers are causing, the investigators found the practice undermining conservation measures, resulting in the depletion of fish stocks.
28 He found that his hat had been pancaked under a suitcase.
29 Now I've found it harder to agree with the policies of any one party.
30 She found that this process ultimately results in an asymmetry that stimulates cells to migrate in the direction of the flow.