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1 In your 50s... treat skin with products formulated to prevent hormonal skin aging which includes skin sagging, brown spots and dehydration.
2 Unlike the other organization management roles, the PM role is specifically formulated to govern unique assignments.
3 Instead, they're formulated with polypeptides, amino acids and conditioning ingredients to help rejuvenate lashes and strengthen them against breakage.
4 So he has various complains about the concept of imagination in my philosophy of love which is already formulated in the first volume of the trilogy, in a much later book Feeling and Imagination.
5 Thus, you have effectively formulated an hypothesis about the efficacy of the process.
6 Narrowly formulated” is redundant because a rule is supposed to be narrow in a way that leaves very little if any latitude for interpretation.
7 Refreshment energy - formulated to replenish energy levels for someone who's perhaps run down or recovering from illness.
8 These suggestions will be reviewed by expert groups and formulated as an ICD-11 draft, which is the second step in the revision process.
9 Formulated based upon data compiled by oceanographers researching coral tissue profiles.
10 Formulated based on data compiled by oceanographers researching coral tissue profiles.
11 In sunstroke, the body does not only lose fluids, but salts as well. Replenish the same by drinking a sports drink especially formulated with electrolytes or eating something salty.
12 Architecture principles are formulated by the chief architect, who works with the enterprise CIO, the architecture board, and other key business stakeholders.
13 The position that Milton — this is how I like to read it - the position that Milton would like to be able to take on this question of virtue's reward is formulated by the Elder Brother in Comus.
14 in fact much of it was formulated before there was a good microscopic model of matter.
15 the convenient channel of the SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group, the SCO member states have formulated concrete measures and plans for stronger cooperation and achieved positive results.
16 The quantum theory as we know it and apply it today is as formulated by Dirac.
17 However, meanwhile we are well familiar with the critique of the presence formulated especially by Jacques Derrida.
18 China has formulated the "Plan of Action for the Elimination of malaria (2010-2020)" and decided to achieve the goal of eliminating malaria across China by 2020.
19 Alkali Surfactant Polymer (ASP) is a kind of viscoelastic fluid, its rheological behavior can be formulated by power law model in simple shear flow within medium shear rate.
20 Using crisis techniques the intervention begins to be formulated, including emotional support and empathy, and accepting the feelings of denial and distortion.
21 But this Dom Cobb - we'll call him Christopher Nolan - doesn't need a specially formulated sedative.
22 But any new rules, if not carefully formulated and, above all, enforced, could provide a one-off opportunity for mass expropriation.
23 Extracts of Chamomile, calendula and Wheatgerm help to gently soothe the skin and has been, specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
24 Once Payment Instructions are formulated by each party, a piece of FPS functionality called GateKeeper has to verify that they are compatible and install them in order to proceed with a transaction.
25 Although China is still a developing country, we have formulated a national program in response to climate change according to the international convention on greenhouse gas emission.
26 landing of a helicopter in autorotation is formulated as a nonlinear optimal control problem.
27 It was originally formulated as a rubber stabilizer and a color retention agent.
28 Fukuyama seems quite correct to grasp for this type of contingent theory, but I think he is wrong to believe that it cannot be formulated much more systematically, even mathematically.
29 instruction is formulated to standardize the correct operation of the electric hoist and ensure its safe running.
30 before a development scheme of oil and gas is formulated, a synthetic model on structural evolution, sedimentation, and diagenesis should be set up to predict the favourable zones.