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No. sentence
1 His compositions, mainly for the piano, were groundbreaking for the way they grafted a new expressiveness and passion onto older musical forms.
2 Constructed with coils and slabs they are refined through a paring back of layers creating undulating tactile forms that utilise the natural colour of the clay.
3 Each event function contains two forms: one without any arguments, and one that contains a function as an argument.
4 If she is right, as she explained to an audience at the recent Forum of European Neuroscience in Vienna, she may have opened a door to the treatment of other forms of persistent pain.
5 Offshore, a phytoplankton bloom forms a bright green swirl in the ocean water, proof of the productivity that triggers the deadly eruptions.
6 Melanic forms, though, are particularly prevalent in species with complicated lives—those that inhabit a range of habitats, are active both day and night, and move between the ground and the trees.
7 We asked Mr Charlton if he had yet filled up the forms.
8 Bumiputra perks yield a stream of uncontested, negotiated contracts and other forms of patronage to UMNO politicians.
9 However, the researchers are happy to have shown that the noise is created when a bubble forms inside the knuckle.
10 The forms of art are many and varied.
11 It is not enough to give us the firm beliefs which we need to resist an enemy who USES propaganda as one of his main weapons not only in the most blatant but also in the most subtle forms.
12 As with forms and themes, you can choose from many possible diagram pivots (see Table 3).
13 Imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown.
14 It forms the watershed between the two rivers.
15 In this tale, people who dwelt in the cave could know only the shadows of forms that were cast on the wall of the cave from the light outside.
16 I do yoga to keep my body open and flexible and I have practised different forms of meditation.
17 In reality of educational practice, such validity is decreasing; educative power turns into two contorted forms: one is educational violence; the other is the nothingness of educative power.
18 The Changjiang River divides at its mouth and forms a delta.
19 The material of the splintered forms that define this edge and opening of the University are layers of glass and timber plywood louvers, suspended on fine stainless steel rods.
20 This week sees the publication of a new anthology aiming to encourage young people to get interested in - and angry at - corruption in its many forms and guises.
21 they ripen, a delicious soft- to near-liquid layer forms below the rind.
22 only do these microbes remove carbon dioxide from the air, they also grow quickly-some forms double in just 12 hours, whereas grasses and other large plants can take weeks or months to do so.
23 Instant coffee is drunk all over the world, largely because its simplicity of use compared to other forms of coffee making.
24 What we eat and drink is broken down by the digestive system; nutrients and glucose are released and then filtered through membranes into the bloodstream before entering the cells in various forms.
25 It is a sort of monotonous and passionate repetition of the themes already orchestrated by the world: the body, inexhaustible image on the pediment of temples, forms or colors, number or grief.
26 Many times they were enticed by the fleshly forms of pagan temple worship.
27 By promoting self-reliance, we help people move away from dependence on food aid and other forms of assistance.
28 You can, of course, get the antioxidant benefits of cocoa in other forms too, such as in candy bars and other desserts.
29 citys tradition rank sequence is substituted gradually by the network structure, therefore the world city forms the complex network system.
30 For the town's residents, he prescribed square dances and other wholesome forms of entertainment.