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No. sentence
1 These ideas have been forming in my mind.
2 there another bubble forming as the Fed continues to buy up mortgage securities, while propping up other aspects of the economy?
3 But under the water, volcanoes continued to erupt, sending up magma and forming mountains of basalt.
4 Magma can erupt to the surface and form lava flows through the volcano's summit (frequently forming a crater), but it can also erupt from lava domes and flank vents along the volcano's sides.
5 like me, I prefer talking to young people, because they are forming their minds, they are developing, and he had a method of how to educate them.
6 gas cools off enough for the metal, rock and (far enough from the forming star) ice to condense out into tiny particles.
7 huge cooling rate shows that Cooper pairs are forming, says Dany Page, a theoretical astrophysicist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.
8 is essential to the fish forming one of nature's great teams with the sea anemone - they are dependent on each other to survive and the slime protects the Clownfish from the anemone's sting.
9 in the tea called flavonoids stop blood platelets from forming clots, much like aspirin does.
10 chapters are the maps of intrepid explorers pushing into a newterritory that can only dimly be seen forming on the horizon of our integralconversations.
11 Inside the plant last week, there was ash everywhere, forming drifts, clinging to the skin, getting into the throat.
12 Using a glass that does not expand much when heated, for example, would enable components to be welded together, forming, in effect, a continuous piece of glass.
13 But researchers suspect a mutation in one gene allows some people to skip the process of forming fingerprints during development.
14 So, what's the consequence of forming these gas ions?
15 So here's what we have: the same tissue forming the same structure in the same place.
16 Real pearl is forming in there but it cannot be used in jewelry.
17 In some markets fresh bubbles may be forming.
18 graph is formed by linking the three intersections of each variable with the facets, forming a triangle for each variable.
19 That discourages them from forming fibres.
20 is evident, therefore, that the propositions forming the basis of enthymemes, though some of them may be "necessary," will most of them be only usually true.
21 The key to forming a black hole is cramming enough mass or energy into a small enough volume as happens when a massive star collapses.
22 But something is going on behind the scenes: it is hardly an athletic revolution of the people, but the foundation for one may be forming.
23 But satellite images in recent years have shown large aerosol clouds forming above the oceans, particularly in the southern part of the Atlantic.
24 The value chain drives the strategy of your business by forming an enterprise architecture around desirable business qualities like flexibility, scalability, and extensibility.
25 In a study they conducted, each subject was told that other subjects were forming a group-and taking a vote on whether she could join.
26 But forming them about where they are now would require an unrealistic amount of solid particles to form a rocky core, he says.
27 I began wondering whether cancer might be an evolutionary throwback to the dawn of multicellular life, when single cells began cooperating and forming rudimentary aggregations.
28 downdrafts hit the surface of the planet, flow outward, and collide with each other, forming updrafts.
29 Trusts have also become a major player in property development this year, after bank lending to the sector was curtailed by regulators wary of a bubble forming.
30 The bacteria spin cellulose threads, which bind on the surface forming a layer.